Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is was like at the back tax sale

Last August was my first time. I was number 3 it was my lucky number. But This guy that had plenty of money . He ran my bid up to 3 times the back tax. He had no interest in the property. After the sale he said he only stopped biding because he felt sorry for me. I had my hand up and was not taking it down. I do not know if my had was shaking.
I said thank you to him. As I saw him run the price of a condo at the lake up to $46,000. The were a number of what I now call professional bidders there. There pockets were full of money. You have to pay for the property at the end of the sale.

In my county they had placed an add in the news paper to advertise that sale.
They are listed as legal descriptions. Not address. So In most sales you do not know what you are buying. unless you do your home work. And pick out several to bid on.
I was lucky that my county had photos on there web site. So I found the one I was biding on as on the street I have been looking at for a long time. This was pure luck. When we went to look at it. I was So happy with the stone structure. The house by no means is one I would buy on a city lot. I do not like 1 1/2 story homes. with basements. I do not like all the steps. They are not easy for me to walk.

This is how I would describe the place.
And amazing stone structure. With a wonderful front porch to watch sun rises as you drink your coffee in the morning. The main level has all large rooms. The living room is open to the dinning room. A single bedroom is on the main level. The kitchen is huge. It has both a front and back door. The front door leads to a porch. Where you can bbq or have brunch. The upstaires is on verry large room that may have been 3 bedrooms at one time. Or 2 bed rooms and a sitting area. The home is heated by wood. And there is no Ac. A well is conected to a pump for water. There is 5-7 acres of wooded ground, two-2 car garages. A large barn. All in need of work. Plenty of Privacy. The place is like heaven on earth. But need lots of tlc. So be prepaired to spend the rest of your life working on it. LOL

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George said...

This does sound like a wonderful place. I hope you successfully make it through all the hoops in your previous post.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Grammy, I do think that they always use "Professonal Bidders" to raise the price of things... It's just not fair.

Hope things work out for you in the end. You will love having the privacy--and all of that acreage. I'd LOVE it.


Wendy said...

It does sound like a beautiful place to live. Never mind if there's a lot of work. You will be putting your heart and soul into that property.

Shame on that professional bidder. I hope one day someone calls his bluff and he gets stuck buying something he doesn't want. LOL!