Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden up date

I have been experimenting with color mulch this year. You can see more on my garden blog if you like.
My tomatoes with the cypress mulch is out growing the others with red or silver mulch. The cauliflower is growing great silver, but getting a bit larger on red.
cabbage is doing well with aluminum foil under it.
please do not mind the weeds I have not been able to work on them in a few weeks.
now look at this poor cabbage with no tin foil.
big difference
My self watering buckets are trying both colors. The silver one was just planted yesterday. And had to go through the storm we had. So It needs some catch up time.

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George said...

I think your experiments are very interesting and I hope you will continue to update us on the results.

Rita T. said...

Amazing! I'm going to try some of your tactics on my own garden and see what happens.

Denise said...

Very awesome.

white_lilly said...

Love your veggie patch can't wait to see more.Maybe you can share some recipes when you pick your bounty :)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Your tomatoes are doing much better than the ones my wife planted on our hill and then forgot about (which I am pretty sure have become gopher food)! ;-)

melinda@mamabearscubhouse said...

i am doing something self watering liters..but my garden doesnt look like that--oh how i wish it did!

thanks for sharing