Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Retirement 101

Note : This story will have a happy ending. But the story may never end , as I am still living the life of retirement.

Today I was talking to a close friend about there fear of retirement. The choices to be made. The worry of will we make it. Or should you keep trying to work. She motivated me to start writing again.
So maybe I can share there is nothing to fear. Things will work out. This is just the next chapter of your life. And it is not the end of it.
It is the beginning of what we all worked all of our life for.

Retirement has changed from the good life, to what is now the how do we make it life. We work all of our life now, planning and saving. That is how 401k came about. company's played on our fear of social security not being there any more. or it was far from enough for us to live out the rest of our life on. Some people are lucky to have a pension paid by there work. Some people like me and my hubby do not have any thing but social security. His health forced us into early retirement. Which was devastation for us. As we had to sell our home and every thing we had of value to make it more than a year with no income. We had to find free clinics to get prescriptions for hubby's medicine . We paid the price for the med's at the pharmacy. There was no hope for me till I was able to find a doctor that would give me samples as my medication because it was over $100.00 a month.

Now to get to the point of my story. Why am I writing this and sharing it with you.

Well to begin with your life story is different than mine. You will see that you should not pre-worry about what has not happened yet. Or feel secure that you have nothing at all to worry about. Or I so hope you do not go through what I did. And allow this time in your live distroy you mentaly.
I did the last statement. I broke down mentally and hurt my self. Because I did not know all this is temporary. I did not plan for happiness. I planned for failure. So in my mind I failed.

But in reality I should have planed for good things, like in the old days. The picture of retirement was lazy days at the fishing hole. A life of travel in there RV. Days on end of sun shine. Growing closer to your spouse. Live one day at a time with joy, love and happiness. knowing all you need in life is your loved ones. Having a roof of any kind over your head. And enough food to sustain you both.
This in it's self is success. Having your health is the ultimate achievement. Not many have this. But you can work on it and allow retirement to heal you. As there is no longer the pressure of working 40 hours or more a week for that pay check.

I will continue with this story. but for now this is page one of ? on my lessons to help You plan for the best retirement possible.

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Gail said...

If you will email me with your mailing address, I will send the seeds you wanted. I thought I had it in my address book but did not.

Hope your day was good.

angela said...

Thank you for sharing, It is hard to imagine life as a retiree, but one day it will be for all of us. Why not approach it with excitment rather than with fear.

Grammy said...

In today's world it is fearful because the amount you get for retirement. is way below the cost of living for most people.