Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2 of crying

This morning started out with a call from the building inspector. He pushed me toward coming right over to inspect my home. I was like can we not do baby steps. I will apply for a dry wall permit. As now they require one. But he then asked me if I was afraid of him or his position. I said position. He said some things I felt were hurtful. Like can you not get up and turn a screw to secure the switch on the wall. Or ? That belittled me. As in I hurt my self every time I use the drill. He threatened me by his words. Do you not want to make your house safe enough for your grand kids to be able to come back over. My mind hit the roof. My kids are not an issue here. No one said any thing to that affect.

Tessa was able to go get her son back today. The ploy of his dad to keep him did not work. He was mad. But he is still trying to get a restraining order to keep my daughter away from him. And go for custody. As this is all about him not wanting to pay child support. He did this before and it was throw out of court. He had Cullen for like 6 months. Then he gave him back with no obligation for support on his part.

But I was doing really well keeping it together from yesterdays post. When I heard Hi Grammy in this sweet soft voice on the other end of the phone. A dam broke tears flooded from my eyes. My heart broke is is full of pain. All this man accomplished was to give me the threat of some one ruling my life and home.

I found a number for the div of aged for MO P&A provides assistance to individuals with disabilities.
I have gotten to the point I feel I need some one to help me. I spoke to hubby about it and he said he too felt like something is going on in his stomach. And he jumps every time he hears a noise like a car door. It is paranoia. We both feel like we are at war.
With some one who want to violate our space.

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Wendy said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. Is there Legal Aid in your area?
God bless. I hope things work out for you.

jojo said...

I have had you on my heart all day...I hope you can find some help, someone who will listen. Please take care and know you are in my thoughts and prayers..;j

Gail said...

Bless you, I hope things are better today and from this time forward.