Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recap on Febuary

I thought I would share this video of our snow falling with tiny hail balls, They were 1/2 the size of styrofoam balls you would find in a bean bag chair.  . I know Angela saw it on face book but not many of you are on it too. I love to see what it is like in your part of the wold as well. We are expecting more snow Monday. This last storm was called thunder snow. As there was lightning and thunder along with hail and sleet. Mother nature sure has many surprises for us. I have to get more propane ordered, as we ran out yesterday. We do not have a gauge to tell us we are low.  So we are always surprised. We use the propane for a fireplace. It helps us in times of extrema cold. We mostly use electric space heaters the majority of the time.

I have been thinking of adding on a green house to the south side of the house. This is just a dream, but you never know. I have solar panels I would put up on the roof or wall. And I saw a number of videos on what is called a rocket stove.  I would love to heat the floor with that. And have that room flow heat into the house in winter. Oh, but it is just a dream.

My seedlings are not all sprouting as well as in the past.The all glass fish tank I had used in the past had better results. But the box lined in trash bags took longer for them to sprout. And many have not sprouted at all.

 I also did an experiment. To regrow lettuce from a store bought product. For a post I saw on facebook. I cut off the tops of a red leaf bunch of lettuces, and some green onion.I added enough water to cover the core. about an inch or so. And in s day or so you could see darker green develop in the center. .

 With in a week this much has regrown. So It works.
I think what I love the most about this is it puts spring time in my kitchen window. With snow all over the ground on the out side . So I look at it and smile.


greekwitch said...

I never thought you could do this with lettuce. You are one brilliant lady! Just seeing this video makes me cold! A greenhouse would be awesome!!! I hope you will be able to make one soon! Many hugs!!!

angela said...

Loved the video of the snow. I saw the post on the regrowing of the vegitables too. I'm glad it worked for you. Sorry about the seeds but I'm sure they will sprout soon for you. We are waiting for this heat to go away. It really is taking its toll. Stay warm and dry xxx

Wendy said...

Wow! Growing lettuce this way??? I'll have to try it!
Did the green onions work too?
You are smart, Grammy!

We also are having weird weather patterns. Thunder and snow at the same time.

Nice to dream. Why not a greenhouse? You do so well with gardening and don't mind if things don't turn out at first. Eventually they will.

Heated floors - ummm! And a propane fireplace. That's exactly what I am looking for. But - they are so expensive. We'll see.
Stay warm!