Friday, November 14, 2014

Choosing a fan for the solar heater

 Most home made solar heaters use computer fans to blow air. The panels I have are commercial made. So they are larger than most home made ones I have seen. They are about 3foot by 8 foot. I found the bigger the fan the more heat is pushed thew the panel into the house.I only have 1 panel installed, and vented thew the kitchen window. I need to find a fan that will blow harder to get more heat to circulate thew the house. The fans I choose also need to be cost effective, As in the energy they use needs to be free or low cost. I hope to run the fans on solar electric panels. Either direct wired `12v dc. If I use normal 120v the could be plugged into an inverter and ran on a larger solar panel. So I have some researching to do. I have been looking at Inline Duct Fans, solar attic vent fans. etc. Do not know what to try first.

 Record of free heat #2

Datetemp inside / out sidesun
Nov 14, 201467-70/22-33!:22pm-  3:00 pm
  1.5 hours
Nov 15, 2014/ No sun
 To be continued
Nov 16, 2014/ No sun
Nov 17, 201468-70/ 9-23f1:30-2:30
1 hours
Nov  18 , 2014/
3 hours
Nov 19,  2014/
6 hours
Nov 20, 201468-74/24-44f9-3pm
6 hours
Nov 21, 2014no sunNo Sun
Nov  22-28 , 2014No sunNo Sun
Nov 29,  201454-70/64-75 6.5 hours
Nov 30- Dec2,  2014No Sun 0 hours

Dec 3,  201432-48/673 hours
Total sun hours 24 hours this post
 last post total + 29.5=  58.5 hours of free heat
Running total since Nov 8, 2014

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