Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Virtual vacations

I have been writing virtual vacations to my foster grandson Brandon.And he has been sending back wonderful adventures. I thought I would share them with you. As our stories are getting bigger and more exciting all the time.
In a virtual vacation you can do things you would never do in real life.
Here is my story sent to him this week.

We just had a wonderful adventure With Angela and her family in Australia. We set sail in our pirate ship "The Patriot Stone, And tell our caption Jacob Stone to set sail  for south America. He reply's How wonderful " I can use my new solar powered Hyper drive engine .   So the sails were lowered and we had to buckle in. WOW ! What a ride only 3 hours pass and we are on the shore of Costa Verde.We are then driven to Manchu Picchu resort to rest for the night.
We were awoken the next morning with breakfast in bed.
And off we went to a near by airport. We boarded a small 12 person airplane . With in a half an hour our pilot said. " We are almost there. it is time for every one to get on there para shoot." What !!!! I said. He said there is no place to land you have to jump" A helicopter will be sent to pick you up in a week.
  So the door opens and out we go. We are all in a circle in the air. One by one we open our shoots. And it is amazing. I have now flown like a bird. Every one touches down safely. And I see my self floating into the only tree. RRRR. Help. So Brandon and Jeremy climb the tree and cut me loose.
We are then greeted by the chief of the Inca tribe. 
Túpac Amaru. He says welcome. I will show you to your home for the week. They give us a refinished stone building. We all decide to change for dinner to find. We have no clothes. HEHEHE. So the tribe sends us some and Jerry says I am not going to wear a loin clothe. I will wear what I have on all week. So we all laugh, and go out side for dinner. There is much to chose from. And the men of the tribe are dancing like I have seen back home in the Us with our pow wows. 
A young beautiful girl comes over to us and asks Brandon to dance. So up he goes. They come back with smiles on there faces. And her father comes over and sits down. " Welcome to the family my son. He says to Brandon. He just did a marriage dance with her. His eyes open wide. WHAT ? !!! We all laugh, I say we will work this out later. So we then retire to our house. The sun rises to wake us. And I take a deep Breath of cool dense clean air. And walk out to find breakfast awaits. We decide to explore the structures today.   By mid day, Amy, decided to sit down against a wall on one of the dilapidated buildings , and suddenly the wall behind her starts to crumble.  She hops up quickly to find it has exposed a tunnel. 
We all look at each other with surprise. TREASURE HUNT !  Yells the kids. So we all one by one crawl through the opening. We find a room at the end. And lucky we find there are torches for us to light our way.  So the room begins to lighten up.  And we see an alter and a chair. I go closer to find a book. I pick it up and have a seat. It seems to be full of had painted flowers and plants. This must be medical and healing knowledge. I thought to my self.  I look up and Jeremy has found what may be a key.
So We all start looking closer at the walls. Tessa says. I think I found it. As she moves a small flat stone back and forth on the wall. Brandon takes the key. And it fits. He says. Should I turn it. We all agree. Yes. Suddenly the room starts to shake. OH NO! Booby trap ! Jerry yells. The alter soon falls into the ground, The shaking stops. We all slowly move forward to find. Steps. Should we go down. I ask. We all agree, yes.  We find it is level after level of rooms. There are air tunnels that lead out to the sides of the mountain. And gold and diamonds every where you look. Along with ancient artifacts.   We pick up a few things and take them back to the Chief. He is so amazed at our find. And so impressed that we were honest. He said. Take what you want and call or write me if you ever need any thing. He gathers his tribe. And declares us all to now be family. 
So we spend the rest of the week exploring. And taking in the sun shine. At the end of the week. We have to cross a net bridge to get to another mountain top. Where it is flat enough for a helicopter to land. We are taken back to our hotel . And we all run to our rooms. Awe nothing like indoor plumbing. And a hot bath. We all meet up by the pool to discuss were to go next.
I altered the faces. The first man on the rope bridge is Brandon , 2nd is his new virtual father in-law 3rd Scott, My hubby Jerry, Jeremy 
These images were taken from the web 

Manchu Picchu
Our ship The Patriot Stone
Please let me know if you would like to write a virtual vacation to send to Brandon.
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


angela said...

I would of loved to be part of your trip to south america. Your ship is lovely, but in my head it looked more like the blackpearl. hahahah

Grammy said...

I picked the boat, Brandon picked the name. He has not seen the ship yet. So the name could be changed. :)

Wendy said...

What fun! I love your pics too! Nice to see you and Brandon enjoying virtual vacations.

greekwitch said...

You are soo cool! The picture where you changed the faces is a lot of fun! It is a fantastic idea! I see you cleaned out! Oh how much i need to do that!
I hope you are well and happy!