Friday, August 5, 2011

Latest adventure

Brandon wrote this virtual vacation
Hi every one.  Hope you all had enough sleep and are well rested, because this is the day that you need to  buy your suitcases before time runs out ! 
Are y' all ready ?
We are all going to take our ship the patriot stone to the best tropical deserted island, to build our fantasy theme park. I know I am said Brandon. So lets go cause day light is burning. Our bags are packed and we hear the horn of our Hummer stretch limo.We all head out the front door of our ranch house and load our bags into the boot of our hummer.  Load up ourselves. Then to Grammy E's great surprise the divided window comes down and Angela says
 you think y'all gonna have all the fun mate, ya got another thing coming  she says. With a big smile. She flew in from Australia to be with us.

Were headed up to Columbia international Airport, where our plane is waiting for us. It is a gulf stream mark S jet.  But before we leave we find an Australian bunch of lobsters and pina colada's being loaded. Thanks Ange, You are awesome to bring us lunch.  Angela says Hay where is the pilot. Brandon and I smile at each other, while the others laugh. Angela says ? Wow! you got to be kidding me mates. As we climb into the cockpit together. Yep you got that right Angela, Its me and Grammy flying. There is a look of astonishment on Angela's face as she turns back to take her seat.  Jeremy pick up the mick and says lady's and gentlemen this is captain J, I would like to welcome you all aboard. Please take your seats , buckle up & enjoy your flight.
We are in flight now and Amy & Tessa serve food as flight attendants. And Papa Jerry is the chef. We are in the air about 3 hours and land in Florida. We take another limo to the docks and board our ship the Patriot Stone. We sail for 3 days until we come to our island.

As soon as we set foot on our island we are greeted by Chance our personal attendant, who has a cooler. As he sets the cooler down the kids surround him as he hands out ice cream to all of us.  Next we hop into a motor cart and go further into the island. We find a big roller coaster already built. We are all amazed by its height, We climb out of the cart and get on the roller coaster.  We are all screaming yelling and having fun. We end our first night on the island with a fireworks show and roast hot dogs  on the beach. Afterwords we all camp out on the beach for the night.

The next morning were woke up by the chattering of the islands villagers. We gather around our beach camp fire. We have coffee eggs and fish for breakfast. When we are done eating, here comes Pablo with our scuba diving gear. We load up on a small motor boat and as we go off shore we all jump out of the boat into the ocean. We see big fish little fish, all kinds of fish. We all climb back into the boat around noon and eat crab and lobster sandwich's for lunch. When we are done we cast out our poles. y'all catch all the bigger fish, And I (Brandon) catch only a small one. LOL

Next we go back to the island and head to the highest peak. As we get to the top we are looking around in a 360 degrees show of miles of blue. Suddenly we hear Grammy and Angela yell "Come quick!" We all run over to where you 2 are and to our utter delight, it's a really big water slide. It starts from the top of our island and it doesn't stop with all it's twists and turns until it hits the ocean. Next we all take turns sliding down , we were about 50 feet apart. so we won't crash into each other. We finally make it to the bottom and play in the ocean for a while. We all get out to the smell of BBQ. Yum. We follow our nose where ever it goes. We eat so much we have to take a nap. When we wake it is night time. So we go out into the woods and play flash light tag in the dark. When we get tired we go back to the village and sleep in our huts till dawn.

All in all we stay on the island for about 2 month until we have to go back to the states so the kids can go to school.
Love to all


greekwitch said...

He is such a sweet child! With such a vivid imagination! Thank you for your wish. If your blogfriend wants she can contact mre through the blog. I hardly ever use my email, but i am constantly logged into blogger. Brightest blessings!

angela said...

I loved it! I can almost tast the BBQ.

Anonymous said...

What fun! We should all take virtual vacations! Thanks for sharing your joy!