Monday, August 8, 2011


After our wonderful Island adventure, we decide we are having so much fun. We will just hire tutors for the kids and adventure on to tour the world.  We decide to sail to Japan, We ask Angela you want to come along. She says sure. I just need to call hubby and see if he wants to meet us there.
To her surprise he agrees. Since we are all well off from our treasure find in machu picchu. Money is not an issue.

So we set sail with our solar powered hipper drive at full speed. We reach the shore of Japan. We are astounded to find it looks like a ghost town. There is no sign of life from the Tsunami and earthquake of last march. We look closer and there is a snow monkey with her 2 kids near the shore. So we pick them up and sail down the coast. We find a set of steps going up a hill side with Buddha and thousands of other wise ones statues filling the ground of each side of the steps. We set anchor. And walk to the top. We are pleasantly greeted by An elder man his daughter and grandson sitting upon a beautifully decorated horse. He says welcome, I have been expecting you. Please follow us back to the golden palace. We have made arrangements for you to stay with us there.

We smile and say thank you sir. We walk over the hill to find a beautiful pond full of koi and a laughing Buddha with a fishing pole. We laugh with delight. Then we glance over to see the golden palace is on the side of a huge lake. We then see a man walking toward us. He has a head dress with large crescent moon shaped horns on his head. We are amazed he can keep such a heavy thing on his head. He says welcome friends. Lets go in. We have prepared a special feast for all of you.
We take off our shoes and sit on the floor. And beautiful geisha girls bring out all sorts of dishes to try. Suddenly we hear Jeremy say. Alright! Pizza and shrimp.. We all laugh. The grandfather said. We knew he would like that. So after dinner we sat by the lake talking. We then realized we forgot our bags. Mrs Ogwana said no problem we have plenty of things for you to wear. So we all dressed for bed and had a peaceful nights sleep.

We were awoke the next morning by birds singing. We dressed our self in traditional Japanese clothing. And had breakfast. We then helped the family plant rice in there rice field on the other side of the hill. Then   Mr O decide it was time to show us around a bit. So we loaded up in the ox and wagon. There were fields of flowers every where you looked. Purple lavender and yellow sunflower. for miles and miles. We crossed a stone bridge and saw a bonsai tree on the side of a rock cliff. Then the most amazing waterfall it must have been 3-400 foot drop. We stopped for a swim and cooked out on a campfire. We moved on to town. There we were taken to a beautiful city full of life. We were given another palace to spend the night in. It was family to our host that took us in..

The next day we take several rickshaws to the largest Ferris wheel we have ever seen. From the top we can see the whole city. We visit many shops while the kids watch the festival parade. Around 4 pm. Angela and Amy take scooters to the airport to pick up Tim and Angela's hubby. While there they notice a sign that had all of our photos on it. All they could make out was WANTED. So we have no clue why we would be wanted in Japan. She takes a photo and brings it back to us. We ask our host to tell us what the words say. He laughs and said it was a joke. So we were re-leaved.

We all meet at a wonderful restaurant for dinner. Then spend the night watching sumo wrestlers.

The next few weeks are filled with days on end of taking in the sights. The boys took sward lessons. And practiced with the local ninjas. We stopped at Pokemon headquarters. And Jeremy was thrilled. He sat at one of there computers and started designing his own Pokemon. They were so impressed. They offered him a job. Gave him a satellite phone and laptop computer. They took us to the airport and showed us a Pokemon plane that was for us to use anytime we wanted. So no matter where we are Jeremy is available when they need him. We then were taken to the dragon festival. Where we were declared official citizens. And the Monk blessed us with happiness. And we are escorted to the Tokyo harbor where we find our ship at a privet dock. It is full of colorful decorations. And They show us a beautiful palace on the shoreline.  They inform us this is our own home there. We are amazed to find every thing we need in the palace. We have our host family over for dinner. And decide when and if we will sail to our next destination
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Wendy said...

Wow - what an imagination you have! Fun, fun, fun!!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I wish everyone could spend some time in 'your' imagination's a beautiful place to be. This was fun... ~Joy

Ramesh Sood said...

Ah, and I kept wondering where were you... you were faraway traveling in your imagination..and then I saw you in my imagination..I had gone back to the moment when you actually figuratively gave me wings..

Your journey has been beautiful.. may you continue to explore..

Do visit me as a branch of old tree awaits your visit..

Jean said...

Hi Grammy! I hope you are well. I was thinking about you and just wanted to come over and say hi! I love your Japan post - way to remember to play and enjoy life. Love it!