Sunday, January 22, 2012

Knitting myself warm

Photo taken by #1 grandson. Jeremy

I have been  knitting a king size blanket since the beginning of this year. I have around 4 feet + done. This is the first time I have knitted anything other than a scarf. And the only other blanket I have ever done was a granny square I crochet for my 5th grade teacher, back when I was in 10th grade.  I started this after my computer was destroyed on Dec 24th, by a  virus I got while playing a game called Pioneer trail on Face book. My virus soft ware alerted and said it blocked a  malicious website. Next thing I knew there were pop ups saying Vista virus scan 2012 has detected several issues on my computer. It turned out. vista virus 2012 was the virus.
My computer could no longer get on the internet. So I looked it up on Jeremy's computer. And found no real cure. Every thing I tried destroyed my computer even more.   I took it to a repair shop and they had it for almost 3 weeks. And they finally had to install a new hard drive in order to reprogram it.. So I have decided no more games.
For weeks I have been thinking of what to do now. As I wasted allot of time on the game. The question what do I do with the rest of my life came up. And I ponder as if I am a teen age girl again. What does my future hold for me. I am so eclectic as you may know already from my past post. I started with the dream of a farm.and have went from gardening to art. Traveled a little ,recovered from depression. The list goes on. I really do not want to spend the rest of my life sitting around.Letting life fly by. Yet psychically I an no spring chicken. And hubby is a TV watching couch potato. So I have more thinking to do. I find we are explorers of life here on earth. Yet we play roles. wife, Mom Grandma, etc.And I have worked in the past. Owned my own business etc.
But I have never though much of what is called the golden years.
I am only 51, Yet I am in the shoes of an older person. I need to learn to dream again. As the  Life as an empty nester and a grandparent is an amazing time of your life. You are no longer responsible for raising children. Yet you get the joy of grand kids when you want them.
 All I can do for now is live one day at a time. Rather than, what I did when I was younger plan for the future. And I missed many now moments with worry's., I am thankful I gave up worry's. It was the best thing I ever did in this life time. Because worrying was worse than most out comes.
But I will continue asking myself whats next ?
So much for today's chit chat.

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Gail said...

You are very wise.

I like your project.

angela said...

The blanket looks great. I'm glad to see you again I was a little worried. I too am wo daring what my future holds I don't have grand kids yet but im looking forward to that day. Meanwhile like you I have taken up knitting and crochett and quilting so, along with trying to grow my own food I have been very busy. Don't forget to post pics as you progress on the blanket.

Wendy said...

Your blanket looks beautiful! What a huge project. I've only knitted mitts for the kids and crocheted a doll's blanket. That's it!

You are very wise and anyone searching for meaning in this life will find it.

I like that you are giving up worrying. It's hard, but as you say, the outcome is never as bad as the worry.

Nezzy said...

Your blanket does look all warm and cozy there sweetie but ya need to drop those needles and fly baby fly.

Girl, at 51 your just a babe. Shoot it all to thunderation, I'll be sixty in September. Oops...did I type that outloud??? Heeehehhe!

God bless ya sweetie and have a magnificent day!!! :o)

thingy said...

It's good to always keep busy and find new interests.

Dang, those viruses are a pain in the arse. I'd love to play games online, too, but am afraid of just the thing that happened to you.