Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Am I dreaming

Pinch me!
I went out side and found
hyacinth are blooming
crocus are blooming
OK, this may be normal
Oh, Pinch me! Daffodil are blooming too!
This year has been full of warm weather. Along with storms.
But WOW! 

I also received exciting news-yesterday, My friend called to inform me, We were selected from the drawing of names. To attend Oprah's life class in St. Louis Missouri. On Monday, March 26. 2012. I was so happy. This show will be on OWN network TV live. And on the web live at Oprah's life class

And if this is not enough good new's.
This Friday at 12 noon The first Great grandson for my husband will arrive.
How amazing for me to be a GG-MOM at age 51. 
(oldest grandson)

Life is good.

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Joy Des Jardins said...

You have a lot of good things going on right now Grammy. First and foremost...the new little one coming into your family....congrats on that special event.

I'm going to try to see that Oprah life class show...sounds like a fun and interesting experience for you.

Love those flowers... ~Joy

Short poems said...

Such a beautiful post, love those flowers :)

Take care

joanne said...

how exciting! flowers and a baby and Oprah, all in one post! Congratulations on all three!

greekwitch said...

Congragulations on the new baby and the class! My hyacinth have also started to bloom. Not as much but i think it is their time. Brightest blessings!

angela said...

Your are even too young to be a grammy! children are really the brightest blessings

Jean said...

I love that good things are happening for you. You deserve them! :)