Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New year to all

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, And blessed New Year.

My 2009 Bucket list

Live every day as if it were the only day.
Continue to find happiness and joy in life.
Continue to let every one know I love them.
Work on regaining my health.
Learn how to get Jerry to want to too.
Read or reread the positive energy books I bough in 2008 to help me.
Capture all the great things I see and do on film.
Keep learning so I can restore my brain so maybe I can remember how to spell with out spell check.
And hope I can regain or keep memories alive in my mind.
Get to move in the farm we bought on Aug 26, 2009
Find a friend for my husband.
See the ocean or Golf of Mexico near Houston, Texas.
Be more crafty or creative.
Have a great garden and harvest.
Learn to keep seed alive till transplant time.
Share my knowledge to help others in need.NewYear
I am so thankful that 2008 was my best year yet. It has ended on a sad note though. I have lost 5 people since.
One on Christmas eve, 3 the day after and My eldest Aunt Nor in Nevada yesterday. We were on the way home from my Eldest Sister in laws funeral, When my Mom called to tell me of her passing. I have fond memories of her. In August of this year we spent time at My Uncles funeral talking of the past. To find my Moms oldest brother was the love of her life. She is my step dads sister. And such a kind heart she had. We lived with her when we moved to Mo. I was 4 years old.
I will miss her. I hope and pray there will be no more for a while.
Now there are only 5 of 10 kids left.


Life with Kaishon said...

I hope your new year is wonderfully special! I am sad about your losses. I miss my Grandma's every day. I have to make some resolutions...I better do it quickly as the new year is almost upon us : ).

storyteller's other blog said...

I'm sorry for your losses and impressed with your Bucket List as you reflect on 2008 and plan for 2009. I hope you'll visit my New Year's post at Sacred Ruminations ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Rune said...

I am very sorry for your losses! Happy new year from Norway!

Lady Katherine said...

Its truely sad when we loose the people we love, but keeping their memories alive will help us when we are missing them the most. Love your list! Wishing YOU A Wonderful and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

George said...

Grammy, I was sorry to hear about the loses in your family. But I do think you have a wonderful bucket list for 2009. Have a very Happy New Year!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Grammy, thanks for your kind words on my blog... I hope you have a blessed 2009. Your bucket list looks good!!!! I just wish for continued good health and happiness.

Sorry about your loss.

I'm afraid that if my wings were made of chocolate, they wouldn't remain wings very long... HA

Have a very Happy New Year.

FourOf5zs said...

Grammy, I'm sorry for your losses.

Your bucket list is wonderful. It is always good to have goals.


Wrensong Farm said...

Grammy, I am totally impressed that you do a bucket list every year...I should do the same...heck I've been struggling with doing one now since I saw the movie!

I appreciate the wisdom I have gained as I have gotten's my body turning traitorous and the loss of family and close friends that I hate.

I am wishing you the best New Year ever and accomplishing everything on your bucket list! Tammy

Gail said...

Sorry for your losses.
Happy New Year!

Wendy said...

Wow - that's some list!! I hope your every wish comes true. And let's hope your losses are kept to a minimum in 2009.

Rottlady of the Ozarks said...

What a great list, my hope is that they all come true. Sorry for your losses.
Happy New Year!

peppylady said...

Oh I like to do more with video so I can post them on my blog plus that's one of my goal for 09.

It seem kind of strange when large family start to die off.
My mom was one of 12 and 2 of her sibling died as babies.
Now there only 4 left.

Well best to you in 09 and the coffee is on.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year Grammy!

Denise said...

I am sorry for the losses you have suffered, I love you dear one.

Carla said...

I'm sad for your losses, and rejoice in your gains! I'm glad you blog, and that I started and found you as my friend:)

"Read or reread the positive energy books I bough in 2008 to help me."
Which ones?
"Capture all the great things I see and do on film."
Ahh... the love of digital cameras
"Keep learning so I can restore my brain so maybe I can remember how to spell with out spell check."
My brain has nothing to go back to regarding spelling:)
"Get to move in the farm we bought on Aug 26, 2009"
I'm so excited for you!!!
"Find a friend for my husband.
See the ocean or Golf of Mexico near Houston, Texas."
We are only 12 hours (just a hop, skip, and a jump:) from the gulf-come on down and we'll all go together!!!


Jennifer said...

I am so sorry to hear of your recent losses and the saddness that comes with losing loved ones. We lost my uncle on Christmas morning and my cousin in October.

However, I loved it when you said that 2008 has been the best year yet. I feel the same way about our 2008...what a blessing!

May 2009 be filled with His richest blessing yet.

Happy New Year and Happy TT!

Debra said...

What a great bucket list! Thank you for sharing it with us. May the Lord bless you abundantly in 2009!

Nancie said...

A very blessed and joyous New Year to you, Grammy! I am sorry about your losses. May the sweet memories of them uplift your heart.

Thank God for His loving-kindness and blessings upon you through 2008. Thanks for all your visit and encouragements. May God's love, mercies and blessings continue to surround you and your family this year. Take care God bless!

micey said...

Wow! That's a lot in such a short period of time. Praying you have a reprieve. Happy New Year!

Tammy said...

I am sorry to hear about your losses. May the Lord shine His light into your life & give you peace in 2009 as you serve Him. May He give you the desires of your heart, Tammy

bp said...

Sorry to read of your losses.

I liked your list and how you called it the "bucket list."

May God bless you in 2009 in many ways!

Regina said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope that you have a Wonderful 2009.

white_lilly said...

What a great bucket list, I hope you achieve everything on there :)

Sorry your year was saddened by the loss of your love ones but it does make you more aware of who your love ones are and letting them know how much you love them and to cherish and be thankful for every day you have. All the best for the New Year :)

Lori said...

Enjoyed reading your bucket list! I wish you a Happy New Year. Pray your husband finds a special friend also.

Mary said...

It's hard when those we love pass on into eternity. But I love the sweet memories and how they have touched my life. I'm glad your 2008 was the best for you. God always takes us from strength to strength and glory to just gets better and better with Him. Blessings on your new year. Mary

Bonnie said...

I can't imagine how hard a year 2008 was for you. I thought '06 was hard when we lost my grandmother & my husband's grandfather in a four month span. I pray God offers comfort and healing for you in ways you could never imagine. Thanks for sharing your '09 list! I'll be reading to see how that goes for you. I think Lori should have us update everyone in 6 months or so. Blessings!