Friday, March 20, 2009

New Orleans 1

Today is Canal Bourbon & Royal street photos.
The photos start off with a bit of entering La. The first bridge we encountered was amazing. If they had snow no one would make it up this bridge. Most of the drive was on raised bridges with water below. When we entered New Orleans We had our first glimpse of the Oceans coming into a bay or lake. They had the biggest bridge I have ever seen. I will show photos of the bridge in another post. We stayed 2 nights. here. The Canal street motel was only $35.00 a night with free parking. It was bargain #1. Hotel ratings was a 2. But for the price I did not care. Our room was clean. Our first morning we woke up to the elevator broke. We had to walk up and down 4 flights of steps 2 times. But I was so thankful I did it. And survived with no pain. When we came back from the swamp tour that night the elevator was fixed. So all was well. We had breakfast at a wonderful pancake house down the street. We were going to ride the tram but it was not feasible. It required more walking than my sister in law could do. So we did not do any of the haunted tours. Or walk any of the streets. Bourbon and Royal was amazing. Every thing was so close and tall. Parking was an issue. So we just drove around.
Taking photo's was hard too. You were so close to the buildings. All I could do is street views. But LaLaurie Mansion I got out of the car to get better shots. This home is Owned and for sale by Nicolas Cage. The home has a very bad past and is said to have hundreds of tortured souls haunting it.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

New Orleans is such a fascinating place. I've been there once, but flew in so I didn't see as many of those cool things that you did. That bridge is crazy! Good thing it normally never snows there. lol!

The cemeterys are amazing, too. Did you know that because New Orleans is below sea level, in the past during flooding of the city, graves have been loosened from the ground (they are all above ground) and ened up floating around. agh!! Spooky, eh?

And because the above ground vaults are built so beautifully,often homeless people will accept money from the families of the deceased to clean and maintain the crypt, in return for the privilege of allowing them and their families to sleep in the vault.

I watched a National Geographic show about that. I'm sure my eyes were huge like saucers the entire time. lol!

I'm glad you had such a fun visit and got to see so much.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Grammy, I lived in Nawlins for 4-5 yrs. BEFORE Katrina. We lived down St. Charles Ave. and my sons went on the streetcar to school. I wish that you would have had time to ride the streetcar. SUCH an experience!!!!

Glad you had a good time.

Gail said...

How wonderful, the trip of a life time. I have never been but always wanted to go.

You are so lucky!

Wendy said...

Yes you are very lucky!! I'd love to go there some day.
Glad you are back safe and sound.

Denise said...

Sounds like a great trip.

Carla said...

How cool is this? This is a place I would love to go and spend time.

Carla said...

did you hold your breath on the bridge? I did just looking at it:)