Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dream canceled

I got a letter in the mail
They paid the taxes. So we will not be moving.


Kavindra said...

Ouch ...

I bet that this disappointment will open up something even bigger and better for you down the line.

Still, I know it hurts now. I'm sorry.

Gail said...

For every door that closes, another opens.

Denise said...

God will bless you with another dream, love you.

Sue said...

So sorry to hear this-I know you must be disappointed.

Melinda said...

so sorry to hear this news Grammy but I can relate. I moved back here to Ohio area after living in Colorado for almost 10 years. (Moved back due to divorce). Anyway....since then....almost 4 years ago now...I have been trying to find a house to BUY for my son and myself. We have now looked at hundreds! Nothing has ever panned out. Something always happens that does not allow us to move. Either inspections do not pass...someone else comes in with cash up front....a number of things. A couple of times I could feel that the house we were looking at was OUR DREAM HOUSE. When those deals fell through it was so hard to get past it and accept it.

I now realize it all happened for many good reasons...and my dream home is still out there to claim or build.

You are correct. You must learn to make peace where you are now....I am renting a nice home...nice big yard....but I only finally recently finished unpacking after leaving most things packed thinking I was going to be finding a home to buy and moving again. This is 3-1/2 years later....I figured I better unpack FOR NOW. I could have done so much more to my yard to enjoy it more than I have. I figured I would not be here to enjoy it so why take time to invest money and goodness only to leave it behind.

AND yet we are still here. This goes along with my wishes for this live in the present...make my future my reality.....after is here....right now.....that is what we know.

I wish you the best!

Carla said...

I love how you mourned and moved on. You continue to inspire me dear friend:)