Monday, August 10, 2009

New photos

We went back Sunday to re look.. I find the house is not as bad as I thought.
But still I do not want to live this far away. The Town of Tuscumbia only has the court house, A bank, post office. And a new gas station at the end of the bridge.It would be closer to Iberea to find food. It is 13 miles to that area. We timed it and it is 23 minutes back to this town, and 15 miles.
If you click to enlarge the sky photos. You can see circular ripples in the the sky.
This area seem to swirl.
This is the big barn on the property
This is your tax dollars at work on a new bridge over the Osage river.
Some of the recovery money Obamah gave Mo, is paying for this.
The other side of the bridge work
The entrance of the property
I like all the tree coverage, But not the 1 lane gravel.
this gravel road is about 1 mile off the asphalt.
The entrance to the gravel road is on the left by the phone pole.
This shows the river frontage marked in yellow.
I took a video of the inside as photos did not do well here.
I like this primitive mason jar light.
I walked all the way down to this point. I can see the crop. This area is rented to a farmer. But the trees prevent river view.
Walking back up I only made it this far and had to sit in the road a while.
I was so hot and could not breath well. The sinus surgery has made improvements in my breathing for me to be able to walk this much. So this is a big improvement.
I did this with out an inhaler or meds. Yea.

Hubby did give a bit of input, he is not good at making decisions. So I had to pull out my real estate skills of asking questions. He said "he can live any where". Not good enough answer for me. I said "will you deer hunt on this land"? He said yes. I said will you find a way to the river and fish? "Yes" For me this was enough to see this land may make him active and do some thing. So we would not have Tv here for him. and I would not get Internet . Fair enough. But I would treat this as a summer or vacation home for now. Till I knew I could live here. Most people have Lake cabins.
So this would be no diffrent. We can use it as a place of fun. And learn to love it.
I will mail the offer to the owner today.

And continue learning to love the home I live in now.
I think I will call my current home the Edge.
As it is on the edge of town and I can see the country from here.

The farm would be the pot of gold. Or rainbows end. Because the color of purple lives here.
You can see the sky swirls around in all the sky photos and my videos. The suns rays come down on this house and the color purple shines in every window.
These are bad quality I took photos of the video to get them.
My new point and shoot Kodak camera uses quick time format. So they get you with you have to pay for an editing program or use photobucket on line for video only.
I can edit photos.

PhotobucketHave a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Denise said...

Nice pictures sweetie.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Grammy, I hope you get that land... It would be a perfect country home--and especially if you save it for use as a 2nd home. I still think there could be a way to connect to the internet in the country.. Check it out.

Also, Picasa is a great photo editing program --and is FREE. Check that out also.

Good Luck.

Kavindra said...

So you are now officially living on "The Edge"?!

The house and land look lovely. That second to last photo is magical with the purple light.

I hope you get exactly what you want for both of you. It's good to see you jumped right back in to fulfilling your dream in spite of the setback. Wow, I just realized it's less than a week. Very good of you!

Gail said...

Looks like a dream home to me, I love it!

Wendy said...

Well, Grammy, you sure take life by the horns and live it, don't you? That was meant as a supreme compliment! Some people do nothing. You have projects going on all the time - and good ones too!
I hope you get that land. You could even have an animal shelter there, if you wanted too.
All the best. I'm rooting for you!
Oh - I'm glad you are breathing better. That must be a huge relief!!

Carla said...

No sure I'm so ok with you not having internet access:( I would miss you terribly. What an exciting adventure you would be on. "Purple lives here" how poetic. I could call my place the EXPOSED, because I'm visable from all sides.