Thursday, November 12, 2009


Remember how I waited almost a year, and a few weeks before it was to mine.
Owner #3 paid the back taxes. So I did not get the farm I had hope for.
Well New story with same place.
Tuesday my friend called with grapevine news.
She said so and so said it was burnt to the ground a few weeks ago.
I really did not believe a stone house could be destroyed
Sure all the wood parts.
So hubby went to look and came back yep it was set on fire.
I did not want to see it.
But for some reason yesterday. I thought I could handle it.
So we went around the corner and then made a left.
Look there is smoke.
This it a street, that has allot of fires?
Because the mobile home 2 or so places before it burnt to the ground last year.

No it was just people burning brush off the front of the yard.
But look at what is left of the farm.
This had to be a set fire. The was no electric or gas.
This had to be set. with a gas of some sort.
There is no damage to the surroundings.
Other than maybe tree scorch.

In this photo you can see a yellow tape on the ground. I assume police tape.
We did not get out of the truck and look up close. but the big tree is either weathered or scorched. I can see at least 2 BBQ propane tanks on the ground.
I looked up court records and found on the day I was to be the new owner.
There was a law suite that was dismissed, owners 2& 3 were trying to get owner #1 out of control of the property.
So my conclusion is since #3 owns the property and can not step foot on it.
I would lay odds he torched it.

My friend jumps to the conclusion that If I would have got the property it would have still happened with me in it.
I do not believe this would have happened.
But it was good that we did not get it. Hubby said there goes my dream home.
I told him it was not the house. I loved the stones. They are still there. I loved the front porch it is still there. It was the location. and the feel in the yard and it is still there. But I am not rich and would not want to have to build. So it is no longer of intrest to me as I wanted a home. Even with all the work it took to make it mine.

But the moral of this story is. Things happen for a reason. And it was best I did not get it.
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Jill said...

Always sad to see a lost home - hope no one was hurt, but how sad to lose your belongings.
There will be other places, other times for you.

George said...

I'm sorry that the house will not be yours since I know how much you were looking forward to living there. But I do agree with you that there is a reason why this happened and I believe that something even better will come along for you.

Sue said...

Wow-thats quite a mess. What a shame-that was such a pretty house!
That must have been hard to see....

Denise said...

That is sad.

Mark said...

Indeed all things happen for a reason! Great lesson. Thanks for sharing. I too love the stone work.

Wendy said...

It's so hard when you don't get what you want. When you see your dreams go up in smoke. But, it's always the right decision. You just can't see it now. The right home will come to you at the right time. Keep positive thoughts in your mind about your new home and it will manifest.

You'll see.

Melinda said...

my son Noah and I have been looking for a house since 2006! About THREE of the homes we looked at and had thought about buying within a few weeks also BURNED!!!! ONE completely down....the other 2 damaged beyond what I could ever afford to repair. I agree it happened for a reason that we did NOT get those houses and I am thankful!

I try to remember that any time something does not go the way I think maybe it should!