Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 This creation represents transformation.
Like a cocoon, I with drew from life 2 different times. 
Each time I came back with new and improved wings.
This time I hope will just continue to evolve into the real me. The one I was born to be. I feel so charged with the ability to learn and let go of old ways. And replace the way I use to judge things, with just simple acceptance.
Because a thought is just a thought till you decide to grab onto it and make it part of you.
I think the best lesson I have learned yet is. 
The way we think.
Above the image is just an image.
But when we decide to look deeper. We then allow our mind to make judgment. Like this looks like a 3 girls with wings. There is allot of purple. To me it represents past, present and future.
Then you decide to read the words. You then decide, You like or do not like the words. You either forget them or write them down. Or just right click and save the complete image.

If you do the last one, then you allow this to change your thinking. And then it plants a seed in you to change your way of thinking.
Or you simply say this is nice, or I don't like this, and move on.

This is also how we become our problems. Rather that see them as just a thought or situation. We decide to let them take over our life. And become our life.Rather than see it is just something that has happened. And do something about or or let it go.

This has put me on the path to living by spirit rather than ego mind.
I now see I have depression,  I am not depression.
I am not simply, just a wife, mom and Gmom. I am called this because this is what I did in life. I chose to marry and have kids.
All we truly are is a soul/spirit here on earth, who is experiencing life. Through the choices we make.

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Coffee Messiah said...

Hello E - nice work and wanted to let you know I received the cards today and posted one - the other I will put on my bulletin board - will be seeing you in the snail mail - Thanks for joining in = Cheers!

Genie Sea said...

I like that - "I now see I have depression, I am not depression."

Very wise!

I missed visiting during last week's wishcasting, ans so I am returning your visit today!

As you wish to live by spirit, so do I wish for you! :)

Ramesh Sood said...

How very beautiful...yes, the only gift we can give to ourselves..finding our true selves...can it happen Grammy that we might have found it many a time on the way but couldn't recognise..or we instantly pushed it aside and moved forward..possible? What do you say..I agree that now if I meet my true self I am going to merge with it.. for sure.. thanks..

greekwitch said...

That was a fantastic post. Motivational, optimistic and artistic. I love the picture!

Margaret Pangert said...

Grammy, you are "empathy" itself. I always feel a positive energy here. Be sure you turn it on yourself as well! xxox

greekwitch said...

You are so sweet! Thank you for giving it a try. I want to do some healthy changes and i want a support group!