Sunday, April 3, 2011

Helping others

It is amazing how much we all touch each others lives without even realizing it.
When I was going though the profound drama last month. It felt emotionally like the end of the world to me. Your heartfelt comments and love helped me get through the pain.
I have no clue why this felt like the worse thing that has ever happened to me. But I have been finding clues from reading and images. Lorilyn did a reading for me on her blog Retreat was the card she pulled. Then she said maybe the garden was the answer. My thoughts were. Yes, I have not been gardening for a couple of years now. Because of rain made all the veggie diseased. But in reality my real love of gardening was at my old home. I collected hosta's I was a shade gardener. And so connected with the earth. Maybe I need to reground my self , with nature. And this will put balance back into my life. I also came across the the name soul card. I did a search on this site. I found my card to be the hermit.
I thought to my self, I am not a hermit. I am so tired of living the life of one. I want out, I am a people person. But I found from reading the info for that card it came back to the word retreat again. It basically spoke of what I have been doing. The retreat is in my mind. And It is meditation and knowledge coming forth. I am an analyzer and love to learn.
I found from doing further research into the 16 personality types . I really am an enfp/j. I test for both of them depending on the questions asked. I am amazed at learning more about this. It explains why I am drawn to people. It is part of my personality to want to help others. I learned allot about my self. And some about others like my hubby.
I was reading this article on Psychic garbage
And found we go in cycles where we feel thing more than normal.
And there are even more clues I find every day. I am not sure you want to here about them all. I share this info in hopes of helping others if they feel the need.

I thank you all very much.
I feel our bond of friendship grows stronger each day.
I am very thankful for this gift of both the internet and this blog. It has allowed us all, to bond across the world. With other like minded, loving and caring people.
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


angela said...

Its amazing how the bonds of friendship can grow through the internet. It has been a blessing for me too.

phoenix said...

I tend to think of retreat in the sense of stepping back emotionally from a situation and striving for a bit of distance. I, for the record, am useless at retreating. Maybe if the universe is seemingly telling you retreat is a good option, it could be helpful to think of it as giving yourself time to heal, rather than cutting yourself off from the world?

I feel like I say this all the time on blogs, but you've given me a lot to think about, and I appreciate it. I think one of the amazing things about blogs and online friendships is that you find yourself with new ideas to think about, instead of socialising with a core group of people with similar beliefs and ideals.

Have a great day.

lorilyn said...

It is lovely and important -- how we are all connected.