Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Words flow

When I woke yesterday morning I felt so creative. I centered my self and said ok soul take control, tell me what I need to know. I turned on my art rage program and started to swirl. The picture above was the end result. But at the same time I saw words starting to flow. So I had to stop and write them down. Page after page came out of my head. I will share a bit with you here today.

As you may already know life is full of ups and downs, like the ocean full of waves and you must accept the fact it has to flow. forever changing with all of its ups and downs. there may be peaceful calm sailing, or adventurous, fun waves, scary storms. But it is all part of a normal (ride/life).

None of this is meant to harm. Only your mind can perceive the storm to be bad. When in reality it is just another day. The clouds will part and go away. So fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. Because some times it feels like a never ending tide. You will find this life like the ocean can be quite an adventure, both bright and dark, most of all full of colors, At times it will reflect like the chameleon lizard. You will see it one way, but it is not what you perceived. It has fooled you.
So remember do not let your self be trapped in darkness. For every minute and every day is a new adventure, and the sun will always rise and shine a light into the darkness. The color of rainbows will add to the joy, the sunsets will reflect and create a new affect. One of passion. One of joy.

Every thing in life and this world is connected. We are all one as they say. And every thing in life is temporary. Each and every moment is temporary. You are only here to learn and grow. So experience as much as you can, live, love laugh, cry, and sigh. But remember we all must die. It is only the end of your physical body. as your soul will live on forever a part of the collective. You truly are a free spirit, who will fly and evolve with the ever changing universe.

The name of this should be life is like the ocean.
Both calm and powerful waves.
So enjoy your ride.

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


angela said...

words I really needed to hear and remember today.
thank you so much grammy, for your wisdom and friendship.

Margaret Pangert said...

Very uplifting, Grammy E! I love the colors of your wave and sky and especially the words, "Most of all, be thankful for it." Gratitude!

Wendy said...

What a powerful post! I will re-read it a few times to "get" all the wise words.

Life is like the ocean. I like that.

Melinda said...

powerful words of truth Grammy! I love the artwork too!

collectingyourself said...

I love this. So beautiful...just like you. Thank your so much for sharing it. I think I may have to come back and read it again soon.

Friko said...

Grammy, you are very wise. I have yet to fully accept and take to heart such wisdom.

phoenix said...

I love this so, so much. What a beautiful thought! If it's ok with you, I'm going to favourite it in my 'bad day folder', a link list of all the posts I've found that inspire me or cheer me up.