Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall color abounds

We are not in full bloom color yet. But the road sides are in the process of change. Red is still a color that has been missing for a while now. I think the ice storms in the past have taken those trees away. But the orange is amazing.

Have a wonderful day and  remember to laugh and play.

These photos were taken on highway 63 near Columbia Missouri. My daughter Amy and I both used our cell phones to take them,  She has a smart phone and the quality is way better than my phone. You can click on the photos to enlarge. 


Gail said...

Beautiful colors. We have helt winter at bay long enough, she will break free one of these days.

angela said...

wow, thanks for the phots. More please I love seeing where you live. our trees and steadily becoming more green. We have had lots of rain so its been good for all the plants.

Wendy said...

What beautiful photos, Grammy! Thanks for sharing.