Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday tea party.

Sunday April 5, 2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lady Katherine!
We had this tea party and BBQ at Amy's house.

I collected tea sets when I was younger.
They are all miniature.

Tea party for lady kathrine

Please stop by her blog
Lady Katherine Tea Parlor
and wish her a happy birthday!


Denise said...

Looks like alot of fun sweetie.

Zaroga said...

A wonderful tea party. Happy Birthday Lady Katherine!

Gail said...

What a wonderful idea!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Twas a wonderful Tea Party I'm sure. Happy Birthday to Lady Katherine!!!

P.S. Save me some BBQ ---I'll be there shortly!!! ha ha

Gramma Ann said...

How fun! A tea party! Tea Parties are one of my favorite things...only I like a bigger cup, please!

George said...

Happy Birthday, Lady Katherine. It looks as if the tea party was a huge success.

Renee said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Happy Birthday Lady Katherine!

Carla said...

You are so much fun!!
What pretty girls and guys you got there:)
LOVE the tiny tea cups (and your song had my little girls singing along:)
Have a great week E!

Ebb Tide said...

Tea parties are very interesting. Wish I could do one on future b-days. Happy Birthday to Katherine.
It's good to celebrate life. I am
still in the process of grieving w/ the passing of a father-in-law
last week. Thanks also for visiting my blog.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to Katherine!!! Looks like you guys are really having fun!! Great pics.

Lady Katherine said...

How sweet! I just loved the video! The mini tea sets with the cinnamon crumb cake sounds wonderful! I love to have the recipe! I love anything cinnamon! Boys like tea too! Your girls and granddaughter are just wonderful! What a fun day with the family and BBQ! I love how I was there watching by video! Sorry so late! I been in bed sleeping around the clock for days. My 21 month old granddaughter almost feel in the creek and I caught her just in time. I tore loose all my mesh on the right side. Doc said hospital, I said Tea Party! lol I up and visiting all the Tea Partys and you all have lifted my spirits and I very honored for your Gift of giving a Tea Party for me. Thank you so much. Tell the children Thank you from me it means a lot!