Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a week!

Up Date: the photo above is a new baby we found today. The dog across from Amy's home, took this ones sibling and it made it to the road where I was so I brought it home. This is not the first time I have raised a squirrel. I raised and released 3 in the past. I said I would not do it again. I would let nature take its course. But I could not. This one took right to being fed. It is older than the others I have raised. So looks like I may be a mom again. They are so much fun, But the cats I have now do not like squirrel as they through nuts at them.

Thursday started city wide garage sale days for our town. This was fun, I went out on Thursday with my friend Laura. It started out with buy a news paper. Easy enough. I look in the garage sale adds. hum. problem # 1 we don't know the streets by name yet. lol. Thin I call Amy she said there was a map in there in the classified area with all the listings. COOL. Then problem #2 they are all for the next town over about 18 miles away. LOL . Now I start to say lets just find them by signs here and she said we can go to the other town. So we did. Amy calls after we are in the other town. She said why are you there. I told her that it was there city wide sale. She said no we have one too. Then she said look for a paper with an insert for a grocery store on the front. So I open this 2 page add. Sure enough there is the yard sales with a map for our town. We then laughed and said thats Eldon for ya. Hid the adds. We had a good time .

Then Friday and Saturday. Amy and I went shopping. I found lots of things for the grand kids. And a walk behind weed trimmer for hubby. After his bypass he can not swing the hand held gas one any more. One house I spent $4.00 and got the whole tray of flatware, lots of containers. mino bucket and metal cage to hold fish. fly hook making supply's, a few tools & photo album. Talk about bargain #1 I felt like I was back in St. Louis. I so miss the flea market in Wentzville. We bought and resold things there. I was into comics, records , fishing gear. And sold new socks and what knots. We had fun. We had to sleep over night on Saturday night to get a spot for Sunday. Then at 6:00 am the people poured in as you unpacked. They had a rule no set up till 6:00 am, So I set up in crates and boxed so it only took 10-15 minutes to get ready. We had a following on our comics and records. We also made allot of friends.
I hope we can get well enough to do things like this again. We also have a kettle korn business. Where we went to festivals and fairs. It was allot of work just to unload and set up. But what fun. some camping out and friend making was involved. Our daughter said she would help if we wanted to do it again.

Yesterday I was able to get a couple more cattle panels up they will fence in and hold up tomatoes and melons. We have had so much rain I have not been able to get allot done with the ground. to see more of what I am up to in the garden click here or on the link in my side colom for my other blogs.

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. - George Bernard Shaw


Robbin'sMama said...

Our town is having a City Wide May 9th. It always bring out the crowds. We are having one this year ourselves.
Did you say you were in Eldon,Mo
My daughter works for a traveling company as an occupational therapist, and she just finished a few months there. I think she goes to Rolla next.

Melanie said...

Sweet bunny picture! :)

WiseAcre said...

Nature did take it's course. It found you.

Denise said...

Such a cute bunny.

Wendy said...

Sounds like you and Amy are having fun! Hope your weather clears up so you can garden in the sunshine.

Gail said...

Aw, the infamous city wides...I love them. There is always something I absolutely have to have!

peppylady said...

Our yard sale season is just starting.
Not sure what day in May but our community is having fathers of all yard sale.
Then in August we have the mothers of all yard sale.

Never know what one can find at yard sales.

Coffee is on.

Wrensong Farm said...

That squirrel baby is pretty darn cute! I can see why you couldn't say no!

Sounds like you scored on the yard sales! I can never get up early enough on the weekend to find anything good!!

mrsb said...

My husband loves squirrels, lol! He'll be so jealous when I tell him you are "raising" a baby!

Carla said...

We had a hwy 80 garage sale this weekend, BUT thank goodness, I didn't have the trudk. I'm trying to downsize, so bringing home more WON'T work (and I don't know how to weed stuff out-yes, I'm a packrat:).
Garden is looking good (I will be scooting over to the garden page shortly), using the soil bags should really help you control the water problem.