Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Happy ending.

This has been an awesome adventure That I wish could go on forever.
I am so amazed I can still draw after all these years.
I drew a pirate ship to symbolize the beginning of this story.
I think I love water colors now.
This book has brought out my inner child.
Of fantasy and fun. And I don't worry it is not as perfect as I wish it could be.
All that matters is I enjoyed doing it.
With all choices. of things to do. I chose not to accept them all.
I did things my way.
I prefer the positive side
Saturday I not only finished a baby blanket and pillow.
I did one for the book too.
Then Tue WTJ went on the road.
What an adventure. It was there for my daughter to take out her labor aggression.
And it holds the foot prints of our newest grandson.
This has turned into family fun and wreckage.
Now every one wants one.
You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

3 Wrecking sisters have filled my journal with love and magic.
Not only did they send stamps, they sent unbelievable joy. Thank you So much.

Lawendula sent me her wonderful creations from Germany. Along with a dry flower that resembled a broom. So I did a silhouette of a witch to ride on it, to represent air mail. Thank you you are awesome!

Kavindra sent me a post card with perfect instructions.
Thank you! You rock!

A unknown wrecking sister from Oregon Has sent some magic for my stamp page.
Thank you. Please let me know who you are.
And Like Gemma said last week
Making magic.... takes all of the elements.This book contains all the elements.
So I had to complete the last mission of Fire.
I used a sage stick from our last powwow.
To infuse the wonderful smell.
And puff my journal went up in flames.

Don't worry, I will call Kavindra. And have her send her nurse.Now for the end of a beautiful story.

I have given my book my little black dress.
So she can go to the wrecking ball.
This dress will never fit my buns again.
So I am adding beads and a frame.
And they will both hang out on my wall with with me .
This wall will be at our new farm That we hope to get Aug 26.
Working with this book. I realized I have been creative all my life.
But with the new home. It will be me.
I will not be moving again. So It will be full of creative fun.
The grandkids and I will color and paint on a wall in this home.
I will make things look the way I want. Not for resale.
Because in my past home I had to undo my red wall and other creations to sell it.
This home will contain a free spirit of fun.

Thank you Jamie
This has been such a wonderful adventure.
You have brought together the most wonderful , fun & creative people .
You are the Queen of creativity!
I hope we all stay friend.


Lawendula said...

Dear Wrecking Sister Grammy!
What a wonderful post! Oh I really enjoyed the lavender-broom-stick-witch! Wonderful!!!
You are right: there is MAGIC in this journal!
Gratulations to your little grandson!!! What a fun having the wtj sharing this birth!
It's like a sign: the end of wrecking is the beginning of new life!
So may we all stay in touch, sharing more adventures of creativity and learn to cherish every single day of our lives!

PS: The post woman has done a really good job-what beautiful flowers on the stamps!!! I'm delighted.

Tootie said...

Grammy, I love the book! What great ideas you had for it.

Anonymous said...

I have to second Lawendula. What a beautiful post. Love your baby blanket. It is the sweetest I have seen ever. And you grandsons footprints is a winner. Wish you the best of luck with your new home and further creativity.
Thanks for the ride.

Melinda said...

WONDERFUL WRECKING HERE GRAMMY! I love all you have done and went back in and added. It is beautiful and magical!

Denise said...

You are such a sweetie.

Gail said...

Wonderful idea and a wonderful adventure into book land.

Heather Plett said...

I LOVE the pictures of your daughter in labour! I could have used a WTJ to bite on during that time too!

And art farm? It sounds AMAZING! Are you going to throw a big farm-warming party and invite all your WTJ friends?!

WrightStuff said...

And there I was thinking that no one could surpass growing cress in their journal in terms of taking wrecking to another level... then you get the journal in on the birth of a new life! Oh yes! Well done - you're a star!

judi said...

I dont know whether to laugh or cry.. you touched all my senses this morning. A BABY and a BLANKET.. Congratulationa Grammy

Sharon said...

What a wonderful journey you have had. Congratulations to you and your daughter on the birth of the new grandson!

Kim said...

You amaze me!! Your journal holds such power and creativity. The blanket, your grandsons footprints, your hopes and dreams.

I cried when I read about your home - fianlly being able to be who you want to be in your home with color on the walls. It sounds like a wonderful place. Lucky grand kids!! :)

Thank you for visiting my blog & for your comments!

Bright Blessings!

Kavindra said...

You have been such a big part of the delight I have had on this journey. Thank you so much for your creativity and your humor.

Now, I laughed so hard when I enlarged the pic and saw
WTJ delivers Baby Boy

Your daughter must have alot of her mum in her to be such a good sport while she was in labor! You're lucky your journal wasn't torn into tiny tiny irretrievable pieces!

If you ever doubt how special you are, remember you are probably the only woman ever to have quilted a journal!

gemma said...

Your wtj art is so great. Love the baby quilt, and then your grandsons footprints.Perfect book to have at a birthing...something to chew on.
Your journal deserves a place of honor....wearing a little black dress is really cute!!!!

Wendy said...

What a fun adventure this has been!! And so creative! I love your pirate pic. Wish I could draw that like.
Your inner child is alive and well, and having a blast.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Oh this book looked like fun. I have mind and real couldn't get into it.

Coffee is on.

magpie said...

yes yes yes - all of the above goes for me too! how cool that the baby's first creative act was to contribute to the journal! your post and your journal are deeply touching. thank you for that

Hybrid J said...

There's only one word to describe your wreck work - magical! And you're a wreck star! :)

Melita said...

wow, you are quite the wrecker. it was really great sharing in this wrecking journey with you.

Carla said...

How perfect!! What a wonderful opportunity to just do it. To not let 'perfection' get in the way. I love what you have done. Thank you for sharing, my friend:)

The Other Laura said...

Such great wreckage! Thanks for sharing the journey.

NatashaMay said...

What a great wrackage! Love that tiger. :)

Kirby3131 said...

Oh, how wonderful that you had a new grandchild, but also that it's documented in the journal - how fun!!

I see that your stamp page has a few more added on to it - I sent you a little envelope of goodies, but it didn't get sent until Thursday...but I hope you enjoy it anyway!!

I love the pirate ship - it's fabulous and what a way to start off such a destructive journey :)

Carla said...

LOVE the quilt!!!

Jamie Ridler said...

How absolutely wonderful. I can just feel the joy just being out of this post. Your pirate ship is awesome! And how truly cool it is to have new baby prints in your journal. A wreck star from day 1.

It's been a joy to be on the journey together. I'm so glad to have been on this adventure with you.

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

Who would have thought a little book could hold so much story and so much heart and soul-- and baby footprints -- between its covers! Welcome home to your new farm. I bet you'll treat it like one big WTJ! Thank you for sharing your pirate adventures with us. ps I had that card in the drawer for ages and that day I thought, OH! a little magic is called for here. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, how fun. That tiger stitchery is beautiful and I love that it is in the book too. And then to top it off - the delivery of a grandson and footprints! Wow!

I have not had time to visit everyones blog throughout this journey, but plan to work my way through - I see how much I've been missing. It is fantastic to see what everyone has done!