Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wreck this Journal

I have been looking at all the fun people were having at Jamie's. The Next Chapter book blogging group.
This is there 5th week. And my first.

I saw how people were overcoming things and learning so much from there experience with this book. Freedom of expression. Releasing limits. Overcoming fear.

Jamie is great in her videos she encourages people to let go and live have fun.

The hardest part for me was to spend the $ money + shipping . For a book to tear up. My thoughts were, "But this is more than a book this is creativity and overcoming limits it is freedom of expression." And allot of crazy fun.

It took me 2 weeks to say "ok I'm in."

I ordered my copy not realizing I already had one in the shopping cart waiting for me to check out. LOL
Yes I have 2 of these books.

Here we go.
Were breaking all the rules of how to care for your books.
My first attempts are easy. I put it in my head this is and expensive coloring book so it is ok to write and draw in this book.
So I chose the sew it page first. LOL I have never but a needle and thread in a book before. I will leave the needle in there so I know where to find it. How cool is that.
Next adventure is draw your hands. Left hand easy. Right hand I did not do so well.
I have not used my left hand much in years. I taught my kids to use both hands to write and other things. I did not want them limited as I was as a kid. My Mom would not allow use of the left hand. And she complained that Grandson #1 was allowed to be left handed.And on the other side my daughter was stating it was ok for him to use only the left. I for years tried to get her to let him use both. As she finally realized. She is good with both.
Your mind is set free by not being limited to one way only.
You are open to more possibility's.

What my mom never knew as a kid. My friend taught me to use my feet too. .
She was born with short arms and no hands. So I learned allot from her.
I think my mom, would have hit me if she saw me do this. LOL
This page was done with my left hand to.. It is not too bad.
But I left a space to see if I can still use my feet to draw.
Now the fun begins.
I have never damaged a book on purpose.
So I twisted and broke the binding.
It's ok the book will live on !
And bent the page
I also put tabs on the pages I will do next week.
When the real destruction begins.
Do You think I can do it.
Come back next Friday and watch the fun begin.
PhotobucketHave a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. - George Bernard Shaw


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Eek! I don't think I could deliberately damage a book, even if it asked me very nicely ...

Sue said...

I'm with Dennis on this one-I couldn't break the binding or damage a book!! I must have had a very scary librarian in my past!

NatashaMay said...

Nice wracking! I love your chicken doodle. :)

Melinda said...

you have done a great job wrecking and creating thus far!

Kavindra said...

Oh I so so relate to all the initial feelings you describe! You are well on your way now tho.

I think your hand drawings are very good.

And please please please, post a photo when you do the drawing with your feet, OK?

Mel said...

Yipppeeeee!! Welcome to the Wreckage!! Looks like you're off to a great start!!

mrsb said...

I love seeing what people do with these books! I need to get one for my son. He can't stand to get a bit of dirt/food/anything on his books, and won't let anyone read them, because he's afraid they will bend the spine!

My books, however, are reread over and over, with cheeto fingerprints, bent spines, water marks from going into the tub with me - well, you get the idea, lol!

gemma said...

Hi Grammy! Good to see you here.
You are off to a great start!
Have FUN!

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Fantabulously brave of you to break the spine! Welcome to Wrecking :) I looooooooooooove the photo(s) of you and others in winged glory -- BE YOU TEA FULL! miracles, k-

Sherri said...

Welcome to the book blogging adventure! You are off to a marvelous start. Perhaps that second book will make a nice gift for someone you know. Happy wrecking!

Suzie the Foodie said...

Way go to! What a fantastic first week! Just had to stop by (breaking my own rules) and welcome you to WTJ and say, you are doing fabulous.

Zaroga said...

Mmm... never heard of this before. When I'm better maybe I'll find a book to wreck :-)

You draw much better than I.

I use both my hands, but I do all my writing left-handed. Can't wait until I get back to normal with my left arm.

When our daughter first entered school her teacher wanted us to push her towards one hand or the other. We didn't... we just let her be. She can write with either hand, but most of the time uses her right hand. She uses scissors always with her left hand.

Snap said...

Welcome to wrecking! It will get easier with each passing week and the wonderful things you will learn about yourself and creativity and the rest of the wrecking crew! Have fun!

Leah said...

Woohoo! Welcome to the Wrecking fun! You've done some great wrecking already!

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

Yes I am sure you can do it!!! ANybody who can do a nest picture like that can wreck a journal with their eyes shut -- or maybe using their left hand and a foot or two. :) YOu are off to a great start, HAVE FUN and KEEP ON WRECKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

Don't think I could do this either. The hand thing - yeah, that's fun. I do this with my grandkids. Sewing - that reminds me of sewing cards I did as a child.
Have fun Grammy!

Denise said...

I love this.

Kirby3131 said...

You did fantastic for the first week! Bravo!!! I've really gotten a ton out of this book - much more than the cost of the book. I even did my very first vlog - ever. I hate the video camera so I tend to hide somewhere, but because of this darned journal and so many others doing the same thing, I turned on the webcam and started talking. Cool. I can't wait to see what you do next week!!

Judi said...

Welcome to the insanity!! We all tiptoed into this and suddenly you realize it's called Wreak This Journal for a reason.

Got to do walkies with mine now!! ;)

Alex said...

welcome to the fun of creative destruction! you are off to a great start!

ToniM said...

Welcome to the wrecking. It took me awhile to get started too. But once you start, it is hard to stop. Enjoy yourself!

Carla said...

You MUST share your adventure!!! What fun:)

Sharon said...

Your wreckage is great! So glad you have joined in with the rest of us! I like your tab idea. I'm having a bit of trouble finding certain pages now as the damage continues ... tabs would help.
Happy 4th!

Kim said...

Welcome to Wrecking!! You're already off to a great start!! I'm anxiously awaiting your foot drawing!! Glad you decided to join the fun!!

Kay said...

Hi! I'm a scrapbooker, paper-crafter, and I feel like I'm creativly wreckin stuff all the time! LOL This book is too funny! For someone with a cat named Crash, this book is gonna be fun!

Hybrid J said...

Ooooh, the breaking of the spine is a hard one! Well done and looking forward to your next wreck work! :)