Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wreck this Journal

This 2nd week of Wreck this journal has been so much fun.
I Think am now addicted to glitter glue. LOL
I gave Jeremy the 2nd copy and he loves it.
My video's did not go quite as planed. But they will have to do. HEHEHEHE.
grandson #1 to record the first one.
I got hubby to help me record the 2nd video It is his first time with the camera.
Hope you enjoy my red neck shower.

Bye now. Happy wrecking to all.
Stop by Jamie's and see the others have fun.

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. - George Bernard Shaw


Denise said...

Thanks for always making me smile.

Lawendula said...

Great job! You're really at it!
Happy wrecking on! :)

Alex said...

i like your second video! great wrecking and your quote is excellent by the way :)

Melinda said... did a FANTASTIC JOB! I love the fact that you said you did NOT like using the glue or glitter glue at all...but once you started with it you had so much fun you started putting it on everything!

I really enjoyed the videos...and the second one was a HOOT! The mud...OH MY!!!!! The INSTANT shower....the swinging the journal around (hoping you don't hit the grandkids!) haha...had me rolling on the floor.

Your demeanor is so laid back and with your made me laugh really thanks a lot!

OH...I also liked the idea of cutting through several layers to make TABS!! BRILLIANT!

Zaroga said...

Love the videos!

Kirby3131 said...

What a hoot! I loved watching your vlogging. You're practicing to be a redneck huh? I laughed and laughed at that!

I love the red flower on the front of the journal. Fabulous!

Sara said...

Love your videos. I can hear those sweet birds singing in the background. This is my first visit to your blog... what a wonderful place you have here. Can't wait to visit again. xx

Kavindra said...

Just the still of you sitting in that big tub with your journal had me laughing out loud! Wonderful, hilarious, and I love the story about the glitter ending up everywhere after some initial hesitation ... glitter will do that to a girl :)

Kim said...

Glitter glue IS fun isn't it? The videos are such fun - the 2nd one is a hoot!

Janet said...

Hmm . . . glitter glue you say? i think i'll have to try that. also love your idea for cutting tabs.

and that quote by Shaw is one of my all time favorites! Thanks for sharing!

Carla said...

Oh my goodness!!! What fun!!! (I have to admit, the mud smearing didn't faze me, but spraying with water, well that stopped my breath for a moment:)

ToniM said...

Great wrecking. I am happy to see you having fun with it and getting the hubby involved. Can't wait to see more.

Rita T. said...

I LOVE it!

The Real Me! said...

Oh too funny. I love the "trying not to hit the grandkids" comment! LOL.
You're my kind of gal! LOL
Happy Friday.

Beverley Baird said...

I loved your videaos - great to get the amily involved.
What a hoot - mud/shower and a swing - your poor journal! lol

thanks for stopping by! It's great to get feedback.

gemma said...

Chocolate??? Glitter Glue???
Oh yeah baby!!!LOL
This has been fun!!!

Karen said...

I'm so loving everyone's vlogs--I've got to try this before the end! Excellent wrecking!

Hybrid J said...

Great wreck work ... just awesome! ;)

mrsb said...

Woooo! Great wrecking!

Genie Sea said...

Your journal went through quite the ride! Fabulously fun! Loved the videos! :)

NatashaMay said...

Great video of wrecking. :):) Keep it up.

Sherri said...

These are great videos! The outdoor shower is perfect for Wreck This Journal!

judi said...

I;m not sure your camera person was a willing participant!! Very entertaining your sense of fun

Lynn said...


What the heck??? You are a total nut and I love it... I am grinnin' from ear-to-ear. Hope you find a new journal soon... Hugs.