Friday, July 24, 2009

Mostly Art

Next week will be the last chapter of all this fun.
This week on Wreck this journal I have been content with sketching ,water colors & color pencil..

This page includes crayon to the list.

An attempt at 3 d

A Zen garden Boring lines
Finger prints in water color
The next 2 I so enjoyed defacing my self I did 2 photos.
But not sure which one to keep in the book

Lastly my stamp collection. I have not received many diffrent ones. But my prize one is from Hong Kong, I kept the whole envelope. It was amazing they use a rubber stamp post mark. I have never received any thing from over sea's before.
Please visit Jamie for more Wrecking adventures.
Happy wrecking
PhotobucketHave a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Lawendula said...

Dear Grammy, that's an empty stamp page- please send me your mailing adress, I can't stand this- I send you a letter, so you can add some German stamps to it ;)
Deface-pics are great! Coolest grandma ever seen! ;)
Happy wrecking on!

And good luck to Tessa for her Baby!

Denise said...

Very cool.

Hybrid J said...

Those of the best deface pages I've ever seen! Well Done! :)

Jamie Ridler said...

How wonderful to see so much of your art. The defaced page is amazing!

Alex said...

I like both of the deface pages too! Can you add both?
I would send you some canadian stamps too for your page if you's my e-mail: if you are interested!

Rowena said...

I love all these pages. great work. Now I want to do some drawing drawing, not just wrecking and doodling.

I might just go and do that now.

WrightStuff said...

Well, you have more stamps than I do - zero! I just kept forgetting to collect them and nearly all my mail has gone through boring franking machines!

Kim said...

Great pages. I'm sure you can find room for both defaced pics! I like your cheerful connect-the-dots!!

Melinda said...

oh I LOVE your artwork! Your paintings are very very good! I don't have ANY stamps yet on my stamp page. I only get ads mostly or bills that have those pre-postmarked things on them.

sigh.....Lawendula.....I would gladly give you my addy for some German stamps! AND you could have some from ME in return!

anyone interested in that let me know...hey..I will post that on my blog!

ANYWAY are doing a great job on your journal! I love what I see!

gemma said...

Hi Grammy...Nice work! You have some cool artful wrecking going on

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

You're awesome, Gramma! As a musical theater nerd I loved seeing that you wrote "Let the Sunshine In" - and the fact that you gave that page another layer by not just leaving it at connecting the lines. Job well done!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Grammy, Hope you get lots of letters from overseas. That will help a bunch with your stamp collection!!!!

Nice drawing... I'm always envious of anyone who can draw. I have a hard time drawing stick people. ha ha


Ebb Tide said...

Great and creative art works. I enjoy looking at your own personal art works. There's a potential artist in you.

judi said...

love that cabin..i want to live there!!

HJope you get a paage ful od stamps

thanks for visiting my blog, and please do go back

This haas been a great journey with you all

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

Two pictures are always better than one, why limit yourself? Hilarious!!! KEEP ON WRECKING!!!!

Sharon said...

Great art! And your defaced page is so fun.

mrsb said...

Love it!!

Jean said...

I love the colors and your TEST page! Wonderful! and "Let the Sunshine In" on your connect the dots page! That made me smile!

I have struggled with my stamp page, as well. I will send something but it isn't as exciting as from overseas. :)

Thanks for visiting my page! Keep on Wrecking!

Kavindra said...

Oh I am so sending you a stamp, even tho it won't be from overseas, I just snagged your addy.

Can't you find space somewhere for the second defaced photo? They're both great, how could you choose? But Rasta Grandma is really really ... something else.

Love the log cabin, and the zen garden that must be in the back yard of the cabin ;)

And seeing all your art.

Beverley Baird said...

I loved doing the defaced photos as well - both were great.
Keep on wrecking!

judi said...

Thank you for the sweet hugs for me and my cat Buster//i llove Siamese. I have had several in my petlifetime.
thanks for visiting me. hugs back

Kirby3131 said...

What a great looking journal! I have to agree with the others that your stamp page certainly does look a little bare. I'll gladly send you a few stamps to add to that page -- Kirby3131(at) if you want to zippidy do da your address :) I decided to use the metered mail and presorted images because I was getting a tad desperate lol

You reminded me - I haven't defaced a photo yet! I've got the perfect one come to think of it.

Have a fabulous day!
Kristin - The Goat