Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The eagles have landed

Hubby and I went to bagnel dam on the Osage river side yesterday.
It started off a bit like last year.
Hubby had a negative attitude.
There not here!
This time I did not let him bother me.
I said thats ok. The gulls are at play and its a nice day.
Hay that rimes. LOL
So we get in the truck and drive toward the boat launch area.
And I say stop look in the tree.
So we look. Ah there is an eagle. hehehe. Yes!
We dive a bit farther I say look.
We stop. Its just a blue heroin.
That was diffrent I never seen them in hiding before.
Normally there dive bombing the water. Or standing.

Then we reach the boat ramp area. We look across the river and there is another one by the VFW hall. We have a guy come up to us and ask about my camera. And he shows me his. A couple more guys come over. The oldest one heres me say my Sony bought out Minolta. All my 35mm Minolta lens's fit on this Sony. He sad he had the his first Minolta back in the 50's, when he was in the military stationed in Japan. He took some really wonderful photos of Marilyn Monroe. Then his son said he has the photos now. We had a wonderful time talking to them.
So then, I said lets go to the VFW. So there they were in person 2 eagles
We walked right up and under the tree. I even got a butt shot. It looked like he was saying. A little closer please. I was not that dumb. I did not want to be pooped on by an eagle. Yuk!
Hubby had the Kodak easy share and could not get a photo to save his life. He could not see them in the screen. He then took off with my camera. He caught the one take off in flight. it was half a bird. But the next 2 was good shots. My camera is working ok, on the 75-200 mm lens. But will not focus on the other one.
After this hubby said next time I am going to pick out my own camera. I want to look through the hole like a regular camera. I told him it is quite allot of money like mine to get that feature. I asked did you like the camera the guy over there had. He said maybe. So we stopped at a pawn shop on the way to Walmart. And there was one like the guy had for $139.99 used. He thought is was ok. They would only go down 10% and it did not have every thing with it. So we went on to walmart. There was a new one that was 10 mp. for 189. It was the last one. So I asked about it and she gave me 10 % off. Same warranty. So I got hubby his own camera. Now lets see if he uses it. It would be awesome, if he takes an interest in any thing other than tv. So this may be the answer to get hubby off the couch. Yes my year of bliss may happen.
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Denise said...

Nice pictures.

Fire Byrd said...

How amazing to see eagles close enough to take pics. Don't get them in the UK apart from the very north of Scotland.
Love herons though always see them on my walks in the summer.

angela said...

what a wonderful story. yes it is easier to get them off the couch when we find their bliss.

Melinda said...

amazing shots!

Nezzy said...

Great pic. We have three that have been flying over the Ponderosa but I'm not capturing any good pics. Yours are just great!!!

Have the best day my Ozark buddy!!!

Wendy said...

Oh Grammy - what an awesome day!! I hope hubby does use his camera a lot. It's such fun! You got some nice pics of the eagles. Sky looks so blue. I'm glad you and hubby had such a good day.

Cathy said...

Hello Grammy
I'm so glad you found what you were looking for - both the eagles and the possible answer to your prayer lol
Take care

Sharon MLS said...

Wow! Eagles! My DH photographer will be jealous!