Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Medicine wheel

I finished this Medicine wheel collage yesterday.
the video links below explain some of the meanings and history.
This one is in 3 parts
This one is just 1 video.

In my version I have added things in my life that need to be healed. And words to inspire the meaning of each part of the wheel. This circle is meant to create balance and harmony. And add inspiration. And with it being digital art it is my addition to my calendar today. I updated it on my side bar.

Every day I am finding something new to add to my life. The past month I have been studying India, and people of interest from that country.
This is a link to my you tube channel
When I find a video like the ones above I add them to my favorites.
I have taken a virtual vacation to Thailand. And found I would love to spend time in both these country's.

Like this I feel like I have enhanced my life with out leaving my house. .
For 1 I do not have the funds or a person to travel with.
So this fulfills my desire to travel.
I also watch art videos to add to my lessons of education.
I am taking a course called
Collage for self discovery.
Where you are to look through magazines and cut out things that catch your interest and place them in your art journal. They can tell a story. or analyze your true self.
I normally do this with online magazines. but the other day I splurged and bought a womens world. And created this one. The image is pour quality, because of back flash, from a Kodak easy share camera. My Sony has auto focus problems. It will not take a photo now unless you put it on manual. And I can not self focus it and get quality like I had on auto. So I will have to save up to have it repaired.
It saddens me as I loved my camera.

But I can not hold on to the sadness, or allow it to control my life.
Because it is such freedom, to control what you let your mind do.
The book untethered souls is on order now. The preview gave me the freedom to control my inner critic. And this in its self is bliss.
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket

“You have it in your power to make your days on Earth a path of flowers, instead of a path of thorns.”Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Gail said...

Your wisdom is astounding. Your art is unique and beautiful.

angela said...

You are a wise woman, bless you for passing it on to us

Wendy said...

I'll have to agree with the others - you are a wise woman. And it's nice to see you growing and evolving every day. On to good things in life!

Have you checked out the website for your sony camera? There might be a part on "troubleshooting" that you can fix yourself. Good luck. I hope you can fix it.

What a great idea to watch art videos. I have not been interested in art until just recently. I will look into some too.

Melinda said...

oh I too sometimes do art lessons on line on You Tube. I also don't have extra funds sometimes to splurge for these things and felt that would be one way to do it in my own home and cheaply! I will have to check out that collage for self discovery it sounds great! ALSO that book you mentioned at the end of the post sounds intriguing. I will check it out too! LOVE the journal entry!