Sunday, July 22, 2012

husband's health issues

 I have decided to give you an overview of my hubby's health issues.  So you have a better understanding of my concerns.
My husband  has sleep apnea, along with heart issues. He had a 5 way bypass in Jan of 06, He also had greenlight laser prostate surgery in May of 06. This left him impotent. but able to urinate normally again.   Both surgery's were very traumatic for him.  After the bypass he was never the same. Thought of lack of air to the brain came to mind. It could be ptsd. No real answer for the dramatic personality change. It is like dementia, or early Alzheimer's.

After we moved to this area, maybe a year or so later he was diagnosed with Sleep apnea.   This is were you stop breathing in your sleep. In the past I have woke up many times to dead silence. I touched him to see if he was alive. And then he would start breathing again. He wore a device for a few months that was a mask covering his mouth and nose. A fan blew air in his face. And It became impossible to sleep in the same house with him. The noise was extrema. You could  hear atrocious snoring and when he stopped breathing, I would hold my breath till I heard another noise. This device woke him many times as he said it took his breath away. So he no longer uses it. But he has now stopped snoring. But he sleeps more and more every Day. I started going to sleep when he woke up. So I am in the habit of staying up all night and sleep in the morning, But when I wake up at noon -2pm, I will find him sitting up asleep or laying down on the couch. He now sleeping to 6 +/- pm, then back to bed 10 or 11. So he is not awake much any more.

He has gained over 70 pounds. His heart doctor told him back in 06 that if he did not quit smoking he will be luck to have 6 years on the bypass. With that statement it instills the fear in me of this is year 6 as of Jan. So every day is borrowed time.
This video shows a man who take a breath every minute or so. It give a bit of an example of how this is. my husband has even yawned in his sleep. 

I have include links in 3 words above to give you a definition and more info.

Up date: Sleep apnea  causes chronic fatigue, and excessive sleeping. I have seen videos of other cpap machines. There is also a chance of the components burning out   and smoke coming through the mask. The makers of the device needs more improvements. hubby chose not to use this. And I agree it had no benefit for him.
I have to let him chose for himself, if and when he wants medical treatment.
After his bypass, I made a commitment I would no longer make choices for him. I explain what is happening and he makes his own choice. And I have to respect his decision as long as he is competent. If he becomes e rational, I know what his wish is. And I agree for my self too. I do not wish life support.
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peppylady (Dora) said...

As a person who saw someone die because of lung diseases. My father who was heavy smoker and smoked to the day he died. I'm not here to post about my father.
But I'm here to add a simple piece of advice...Get someone in to give you a break...Your holding up well but you know as much as I do there will be a time when it all comes to and end ...I seen so many people clasp when it all over with and never have children and grandchildren...I hope your not thinking I'm being cruel I do care and I wouldn't ask anyone to abandoned...but even four hours once week break would give you the awe you may need...In pray with a great light I'm sending you is on.

joanne said...

that is downright scary. No wonder you are so worried. Not only is it ruining his health but yours is suffering as well. Can you get him to a doctor?? My husband has a new cpap machine, the old one was noisy and I couldn't sleep in the same room, the new one is whisper quiet. I can't tell if he is snoring or holding his breath anymore and he feels so much better. Your hubby really needs help, don't wait and worry...please!

greekwitch said...

Oh hunny! No wonder you are worried. And about your deppression, although the biochemistry of our bodies changes and we do not need negative stimulation to feel sad, all this you are going through is enough reason for you to be struggling.
My dad who just turned 60 has a lot of health issues. He has heart and lungs problems, diabetes a bone disease and now his kidneys, i feel the end is near although he seems okay and i know how difficult it is to expect something like that for someone you love.
But i can not imagine your pain , because that other person is the one you chose to spend your lives together.
I am so sorry. I will light a candle for you today. Sending love and light.

angela said...

So sorry Erne he has many issues. The snoring and sleep issues are extreme. Your right they are his issues and he should make the decisions but there decisions affect you. They also affect your children and grandchildren so I think you should remind him of this. Gently of course also it sounds like he may have depression so talking about all the blessings may help to remind him and you off all the good in your,lives. I so hooe you can work all this out. Know I am here for any time you need just a click away. Blessings to you.

my diary said...

thanks for sharing this...i found your blog thrue other followers..looking for to visit more...blessings from holland

Wendy said...

Sending love and blessings your way. Life sucks sometimes, but we have to deal.
Bless you, Ernie and your dear hubby.