Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My daughter is ok.

Yesterday Amy called about 11:00 am to say she is is pain worse than her gallbladder was. It is in the lower right side of her stomach, And she is very sick. I had a feeling it was her appendix. I was soo scared as she is over 6 months pregnant, So I told her go to the hospital. Around 2 I get a call she is in the maternity ward. She said er sent her right there they do not handle pregnant people in er. The fear set in. She has been setting there in pain with monitors on her. Like labor and delivery. She has not seen a doctor as yet. So of coarse DR MOM kicks in. I said you hit the panic button now. Tell them you want blood work and a ultrasound, This is an appendix. Not a baby delivery. I called my friend in St. Louis as a back up. She will go there after work if nothing starts to happen for her. So around 4 Amy called her blood work came back as high white count. So it is either her body rejecting the kid. or infection. With her being b- she has had a hard time with this baby. The father is a positive blood type. So the baby may also be. She has to take rogam shots with this one to keep her body from attacking the baby like a virus.

So she said they are admitting her to the hospital. And she will get an ultrasound. I then called my other daughter and met her in another area so we can go to St. Louis together.
At 6:00 pm she called they are taking her to emergency surgery. It is appendix. So All the time it takes us to drive there she is in surgery alone. She is awake for the whole thing. They can not put her asleep.

What is amazing. When Amy was in school she wanted to be a doctor, but she went into chemicals. She enjoyed being awake She wanted to have a mirror to see what they were doing. They said no. They had to cut her higher to the right side and move the baby over. And they asked her do you want to see your appendix. She said yes. So she knows what a bad appendix looks like now. What a kid,

I get a call and I am 10 minutes away from her now. she is out of surgery. And it is pouring the rain so hard you can barely see the road. She said I am OK. They have her on a morphine drip in her back for pain. She is still sick to her stomach.

But she went through this alone. I told my self I would all ways be there for my kids. As my Mom was never there for me. But I was with her on the phone and I am here now. I feel her pain. And like the mommy bear want to still protector her at age 27.

Update: I am back home and so is she today 10-09-2008
Her meds are wore off so she feels a bit of the pain but all is well.
Baby is fine. No reaction to antibiotics. Yea. They gave her a spin off of amoxacillin.
She has allergy's to it.

I am a bit tired and my allergy's are awaking.
But I am ok.
Thanks for all your kind words of support.
Big hug.


Anonymous said... sorry you're feeling bad about not being there, but you must feel so proud of her. And I am so happy she and the baby are alright. Thinking of you both! xoxo

mrsb said...

Sounds like you raised a very strong and independent woman! Kudos to you!

Sorry you all had to go through this. Must have been hard on everyone involved. I'm glad things came out okay.

Carla said...

Oh goodness, I'm stopping and saying a prayer for you, her and baby-to-be right now!! Mom just know don't we? IF (aimed at me) we listen. I'm glad she called you, YOU were there! Just having a caring mom voice in your ear helps. My daughter is a negative blood type too, great when she wants to donate, not so great when she is pregnant. Blessings to you and your babies!

Gail said...

What a responsible unique young women! Do not worry, she knew you were there. Both mom and baby are well. You did good!

I too have a daughter that has Lutheran antibody and has to store her own blood for delivery in case they need it. Maria is due in November.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Amy is ok --- Are you doing ok? Im sure the trip wore you and hubby out...Patty

Wendy said...

Thank goodness mother and baby and grandma & pa are O.K. Your daughter is a strong woman and I am sure she knew you were with her and her baby in spirit.

No matter how old your daughter is, you will want to protect her - as you said " just like a mother bear". You never stop mothering. I know - I still do and my eldest son is 36.
Hugs and prayers for all.

Earthmommy said...

Oh man how scary!! So glad she is ok!!

Dianne said...

What an experience! Glad your daughter and grandbaby are fine.

white_lilly said...

That would have been frightening for Amy and yourself. I'm really glad they found out quickly what was really wrong and that Amy and her baby are fine now. Daughters need their mum, no matter what age they are and even just being on the phone helps.Glad all is well!

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh my word what a scary story. I know what you mean. Where are you exactly? I was in Potosi. I know about that drive to St. Louis! I am glad she is o.k. I will be praying for the baby. I have to run for now but I'll be back to check in and read some more.
Have a Blessed weekend.