Sunday, October 19, 2008

Think positive and create positive

We need to learn to think positive again. and not let the fear of the unknown destroy our present life. So go on with your life as you always did in the past. With out fear.

Please! Help your local food pantry's .
Damage has already been done. As Fear is running ramped all over. Here 2 neighbors have now moved because they lost there Jobs. My daughter is moving here the 1st of Nov. Because she lost her job.
The largest employer in my small town let go all of 3rd shift.It is a factory that builds blower motors. That could involve furnaces.
Also a well known lawn mower factory has been closed down in other areas of Mo.

For my daughter it was her company lost there contract with hospitals.Now the radiation generators used in MRI CAT SCAN STRESS TEST, ETC are being shipped in from another country, not locally purchased here in the US.

Did you know if you are let go rather than laid off. You do not just get unemployment.
None of these people have an income. Till unemployment decides you are worthy . You will just wait and wait. But a lay off get there unemployment right away.
How likely will a nuclear engineer or chemist find a new job?
Especially One that is 6 month pregnant on top of that.

You may ask why this is happening? It is a trickle down affect. Like Dominoes.

We hear about others and that starts the fear in our life.
So people who are able to spend will stop spending there money

Then economy will then start shutting down.
We are letting what is happening in the stock market and mortgage industry. etc.
Affect our lives.

We are creating our own depression.
By not buying things as usual.

I am not telling you to go throw your money away unwisely.
I an suggesting you help turn the economy around.

Help your neighbors in need.
Help your local food pantry
Most have no food. Buy a little extra and drop it off at a pantry or homeless shelter. If you have extra crops take some in to them. If you have fruit trees you are letting go to waist offer them to some one or a church that will pick them and give them to people in need.

I am only one voice, and it may not be loud.
But if we all pass on the message of

Lets save our economy
Maybe it will get to the white house and news papers. So they will stop the break down of public trust.
We need to hear good news.

We need to save our nation and the world. The more I read the more I find it is a world full of people in fear of loosing the home & job.

The more we spend, the more people have jobs,
The more those people can buy. The more the world is back to happy and normal.
So go on with your life as you always did in the past. With out fear.

We need to buy local to support our local business too.
The mom and pop shops need our help.

If you would please pass these words on to your family and friends.
Dominoes standing back up strong,
we may save some one from hunger or homelessness.

Be blessed my friends.


Gail said...

My sister, Marcy, always has more eggs than we can eat. We have Manna House and Safe Passage to help people in our town. On food day Marcy takes all her spare eggs and any vegtables she may have to share with people who have none. Volunteers run these shops and take all donations and resell at a very small price to be able to give food boxes once a week. Manna House is the one buying walnuts this year. Any money they make when they resell will go back into the food jar.
You have some wonderful ideals. Now if some people would listen! The ones who have are holding onto it and the ones that do not are barely surviving.
Have a great day. Thanks for followng my ramblings!

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh what a great post. I am so sorry about your daughters job. I know exactly what you mean our daughter was told she might be laid off soon and that is tough when your used to tons of money and trying to find a job to replace it is hard. I know your daughter is in the same boat.
Your sweet words of encouragement about the food pantry Blessed me so much today. If you have read my blog much you know that is what our ministry is. And you are right the pantrys are struggling.
Thanks so much for sending out this need. You are amazing for thinking of this.
Please consider reposting it tomorrow for Peggy's Mission Monday. It was definately a Blessing to see your heart. My prayers are with you, your family and your community.
Many Blessings,

sailorcross said...

Your ideas are wonderful, and I hope people listen and help others who are in need.

I co-teach a class at my church of two year olds, and we're teaching them about sharing this month. They're bringing in nonperishables to help those without food. And, they truly understand that there are people without food.

I pray that our nation turns itself around. Jobs are becoming more and more difficult to find.

I work for a large health care system, and they have sent out memos to every one of their facilities--a freeze on hiring, nurses working double shifts so that others with less seniority can be laid off. Not a good thing in caring for the ill.


Wendy said...

What a wonderful post, full of good ideas. I hope people will listen to you and help others in need.
Bless you for this message.

mrsb said...

It's such a tough time all over. Foreclosures in my town are up 140%. One of our family friends was out of work for 6 months and came really close to loosing his family's home. Everyone is so frightened of what the future will bring, they are scared to live in the present - which causes even more problems for the economy.

It's too bad that the govt. didn't put all that money back into it's citizens instead of back into the businesses that got helped get us in this situation in the first place (while still packing in their millions in bonuses).

Peggy said...

Blessings Grammy~This is exactly what we link to make people aware of what's happening and what becomes our own MISSION in life! So
welcome to Mission4Monday! We have a big variety!My point is to show we each have purpose & a mission that moves our hearts & this sure does.

You offer great ideas and this is a definite wake up call. We need to definitely be giving more to others and the food shelf is a definite MUST!

I'm so sorry for your daughter's loss. It is so true of the Domino effect! My prayer is that each one reach one and we need to start now.

This is great to get the word out!
Thank you for sharing!

Denise said...

Amen, such a great post sweetie. Bless you.

Marsha said...

Well said, Grammy!! It's time we take back our country, our economy and live with some sense instead of nonsense. It's time we lend a helping hand and find creative ways to help one another.

Thanks for sharing this.

Have a blessed day.

Mom2my9 said...

Hi Grammy! Yes, I would love it if you entered this post. Thank you so much for your participation and I'll see you tomorrow!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Very good post! It is so sad how so many are losing their jobs! We are doing our best to keep our heads on straight! Trusting in Him who is in control! I do have to admit though I get very mad at the "fat Cats" that have helped put us in this situation! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Constance said...

Thanks for stopping by on Friday for S&T! It's been another hectic weekend since we are now less than 3 weeks to our youngest daughter's wedding! I am hoping that I can once again, be more timely in visiting everyone's S&T offerings when the craziness is behind me!

I have been canning for *25 years now. I truly enjoy it! The best days were when we lived in Nebraska and I had a good sized garden. I did my own green beans, pumpkin, pickles, carrots and so on... I can't grow a garden here in Texas because it just burns up by the time it gets to be June! Maybe I should be planting now!
Happy Monday!

PS I pick up the trunk this morning!

Anonymous said...

I think supporting local economies is the best possible thing we can do at this time. Great post, grammy. And I hope your daughter finds the silver lining soon. :)

Carla said...

How intelligent! I have heard the 'spend spend spend' but no commonsense, such as helping those without! (how Christlike:) Our local food banks are running dry, and I think it will do us good to help locally. We do have extra, and are very blessed. We are up-ing the amount we give to our church charity fund. I can feel good about helping the ecomony also. (just spendspendspend is stupid! We need the rest of the story-thank you so much for this!!)

Anonymous said...

The economy is a major concern for everyone in America - probably in the world - right now. I blame the media for a lot of it. They have been talking about how bad the economy is for the last 4 years or longer when it was going great. I think they scared people into holding onto their money. Suppose they were trying to help their pick for the next president by helping to bring down the economy? Of course the housing thing was the major problem but we weren't hearing about what caused it until recently. Every time I go shopping and buy something, my explanation to my Hubby is that I'm trying to help the economy.

SarahLCC said...

And when we help's like we are helping ourselves, there's nothing to boost one's spirits like serving others. Thank you for sharing!

Jean said...

Great post! I sent you an e-mail to answer your question. Jean

Named Alicia said...

What a great post! We cannot live in fear. If we do, we will never get this economy turned in the right direction. I love the idea about the food pantry. I have heard lately about other ministries whose donations are down now. We need to do what we can to support one another.

Mary said...

An excellent post. We need to spend money on necessary items and things that we need. If we stop spending entirely I agree that it will make the recession/depression worse. Fear is what toppled the market in 1929.

I get so angry when businesses take their companies overseas. I have lost more than one job because of that. Our Prime Minister (I live in Canada) is actually buying from European countries. Great Prime Minister he is. That should be classed as an act of treason. He doesn't want Canada to support herself. And the people were silly enough to re-elect him.

Enjoyed visiting with you. I will be praying for your daughter.


Renee said...

What a wonderful post!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I am sorry to hear about your dtr's job and hope all goes well. So many of us are being affected by all that is going on in our economy right now.

FourOf5zs said...

Amen! A great post!