Monday, October 13, 2008

My new invention

I have walnuts falling all over the yard right now. So I thought I would invent some thing to make it easer on us to pick them up.
I bought a mesh laundry bag for like $2.40.
I looked around and found a broken broom & a wire cloths hanger.

I put the wire in the broken side of the stick and used duct tape to hold it in place.
I put the mesh bag on and pulled the draw string. I use duct tape to hold it in place.

I tried it like this to pick up walnuts, but it was to flimsy, So I added a plastic hanger to it and taped it in place. But it still could not pick walnuts up. So I took a hard garden rake and use it to move the nuts into the net.
So I guess I invented a dust pan. LOL
I went in the house and told my hubby it did not work so well. It is easier to just rake them in a pile. But it would be even easier if he would go rack them in a pile for me. He just laughed.
So now I have a butterfly net. Or a long reach hamper.
If any one has a good ideal to make it easy to pick up the nuts please let me know.


Carla said...

How interesting! You are quite creative at re-purposing aren't you?

heidi said...

Oh neat idea!!

thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)