Monday, May 23, 2011

I do remember

 As my pencil flows on the paper
My thought also flow to days long gone
when things were much diffrent

Time just flew by
So now I sit here and sigh
Where did the time go
I may never know

As I sketch and paint
I admit the memory is faint
But I do remember
Written for 
Poetry Potluck Week 36-Sketches, Images, and Impressions


Jingle said...

where did time go?
we don't know.

lovely capture of life's uncertainty.
love your perfectly rhymed words.

angela said...

Oh thats exactely how I feel today, were did the time go Lovely picture. You are so talented.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I have always been drawn to eyes...and pictures of them. Your drawing is really beautiful have a special talent dear friend. Reminds me of something I wrote many years ago when my kids were small. Here's a small portion...

Time, it flows by me.
It's there but it's not
Flows swiftly by me;
To where...I don't know.
Moments to moments
abound by the lot.
Some days are too busy
to notice it go.

Butterflies of time said...

Time flies on swft wings
leaving behind faded pages in its wake-a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You have captured my life perfectly. I love this poem. We now have time to explore our writing that we do not have to teach our birds to fly. Lets fill up our nest with a legacy of words and written memories for them to read someday!!!

Melinda said...

beautiful Grammy! You drew a very good eye!