Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nothing to say

So much to say
Yet nothing to say
This is my day
Am I confused ?
No I am amused

I digitally paint my life away
emotions explored
Yet I am ignored
What good is it to speak
It only makes me weak
No one listens
So I sit in silence
I write and create a life

I am in need
Yet fail to plant a seed
I do grow as he withers

So do I live a fairy tail life
No but I create one in my mind 
And paint it to give it life 

This is a new way of writing poetry for me. I have to say I kinda like it. I have stared at the image above and added to it for days. It speaks to me and send love. Yet I can not put what I feel from it into words. The girl is an image I created for Amelia on my other blog. And the back ground evolved more each day. 
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Anonymous said...

You can expect to grow in your writing and will develope new styles. Anticipate and let it come to you. I like your poem and think you're on a new journey of exploration.

Carla said...

The process of daily adding beauty is a wonderful one!!

angela said...

I love it! you are soooo good at this. I think you are saying the path ahead is all clear.

Boonie S said...

I’m a little confused but also amused. Thanks for this fun piece.

All the best, Boonie

Dawn Elliott said...

Ahh, but there are some people out there listening!
Poetry is such a captivating, free, and introspective form of writing...beautifully done!

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

outstanding, you impressed me a great deal.


Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

love your poetry talent here,

inviting you to join Poets Rally by submitting a poem, any poem is welcome.

hope to see you in.
keep entertaining!
You Rock!


Jingle said...

welcome, have fun!

the image and words are superb.

Teri C said...

Very interesting writing. I like it also. Keep going.

Teri C said...

thanks for the visit and but no, I am in Wisconsin.

... Madhumathi ... said...

Amazing poetry :)

Coffee With Leonard Cohen said...

Oh, your blog is adorable! Love your wings!

Anonymous said...

I digitally paint my life away - a magical line.

Paul said...

There are people listening - keep writing - original ideas!

Fred said...

Very nice artwork and words to accompany the image. It does seem like, at times, communication is lost, that feelings are not expressed.. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely piece.

Anonymous said...

good flow and I really like this

What good is it to speak
It only makes me weak

Anonymous said...

The process is the fun part =) Lovely and amusing poem