Sunday, May 1, 2011

Story telling

 I could sit and listen to elders all day long. They tell of there lives, they all seem to be good old time pleasures. Simple fun. Growing up on the farm. Plowing fields as children. In reality my aunt and the others kids were the horses. They really worked hard to help out there parents.
Back then it was called chores.Jeremy is very responsible for his age. But there are many kids that do not have any responsibility's these days. Are they missing out on something special?

Times seem to change. And I wonder what story's I will tell if I make it to be an elder.
Will kids even want to listen to an old lady in the future ?
I can tell from Jeremy my oldest grand son, he likes some things. When they are fun. But when it comes to learning more, you have to be sneaky. Because he is already smart. I taught him at age 3 to use the computer. There were amazing software products to keep his interest. And assist in abc, 123, reading etc.  But at age 11 you need to be a bit more creative. He tends to be creative, and still loves the computer.  So my point is the student will soon be smarter than the teacher. HEHEHE.
So, will he get board with Grammy ?

I really never gave much thought to being a story teller till now. It seems the story should include a lesson. And be on a good note.  And also heartfelt is good too. I think this is what attracts me to elders. I can see there life as being the good life. Simple times, full of love and kindness.

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


angela said...

Your already a fantastic storyteller! Im sure your wonderful grandchildren will appreciate you more and more as the years roll on.

Boonie S said...

Interesting post. Interesting perspective. I suspect that I’m already an elder, and in truth I’m not listened to very often….

Have a good week, Boonie