Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh to John

I was not going to do the story on this man
I have spent many nights ignoring this man
He is my husbands delight
But not in my sight
I have respect for him
But how many times can you watch reruns of him ?

My husband could listen to him all day
Maybe even dream of being him all night
 Would he give me this much time of day or night
Nope :)
Not even if I road in on a horse
Or put on a fancy western dress
I could not even rope a calf
And get him to laugh
But you can say, I am his better half
I hope you do not think of this as mean
I just wish to be seen

A poem written by me for  Blue bell books
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play. 


Anonymous said...

I feel the same only I'd have to dress up as a rubgy league player.
Fun poem!

angela said...

Hahaha I grew up on a steady diet of the Dukes movies. My dad cried like a baby when he died. I have even gone and bought some of his better movies. I always wanted that red shirt.

Paulami said...

its fun to read the poem. nice one here.

Gail said...

Great post...which reminds me of a joke your husband may like.

What is John Wayne Toilet Paper?

It is rough and tough and won't take s#*t off any one!

MISH said...

A fun & light-hearted take on the prompt , yet delivered with a tone of sincerity ! You had me chuckling out loud with this one ..

Bluebell Books said...

cool piece,

honest, and well plotted.

He is your hubby's hero, does not mean he is a better hubby to you or he can replace your position in your hubby.

blessings, Glad you played,
perfectly funny and witty entry.

Jingle said...

stay confident,
be happy.
you are seen
and heard.

love your work.

amelia said...

My parents loved him..

dan roberson said...

You always knew the bad guys would get their just desserts when the Duke did his thing. Loved the poem.

thingy said...

Ha! Cute write. : )

Carla said...

I so get this, my hubby is currently hooked on the crime dramas (alll day alll night). Right now he is watching Law and Order Marathon. We collected J. Wayne movies, and he and my boys loved them. Better than crime drama for sure!!

Joy Des Jardins said...

My husband loved John Wayne too Grammy....a lot. He would watch his movies over and over again...I use to be amazed at how he never got tired of them. I liked John too....but really. One year I bought a plaster statue of The Duke for my husband for Xmas...he loved it. I have to was pretty cool. It still stands on the fireplace in the office where my husband basically lived...not far from the urn that holds his ashes. Somehow that seems appropriate... ~Joy

Anonymous said...

This was adorable. My stepdad loves old Westerns he gets totally absorbed in them. I am sure if you got all dressed up you'd get his attention. I think it would be worth seeing his expression!