Saturday, September 15, 2012

Buying new things

It feels like forever since I have been able to buy any new things.  Last night we went looking around to find something to hold the dvd player and other things. We found this for just $69.00 + tax.
A couple of weeks ago I ordered this 47 inch Visio with a wall mount. In the stores the mount costs over 100$ , It is a shock. But this the combo It was $24 I paid extra. The TV is amazing. I can read the program guide with ease. And all I need is a cord to hook my computer to it and I can use it as a monster monitor. HeHEHE. Hubby will not be happy with that. But then We can watch streaming movies. I did all the wall mount installation my self. So happy I could do it. But to install the screws I used a wrench on the hex head, rather than looking for the electric drill. Even with drilling pilot holes, my 19 volt cordless was not up for the job. Hubby helped me to lift it. It was not as heavy as it looked. But You need 2 people so not to drop.
Please over look the door. It is one I bought used in St. Louis. Only $40 for a oak and lead glass door. We have to enlarge the opening we have already. Hubby and I disagree on what to do. So This is not getting installed till I get help from some one else. The door is so heavy it takes 2 people to move it. But I am happy most of the drywall is now up in the living room. After the door is installed. The rest can be hung. Then mud and paint then floor cover. I will not know how to act with a real room. It has been so long getting to this point. But there is now a light at the end of the room. :)
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


angela said...

great job,and a bargain too!
we both must of got the busy bug at the same time.

Zaroga said...

I like our Vizio tv. We have hooked the laptop up to it and watched tv programs we missed. Frank does not like that the tv is not instant on. We have no place to wall mount it and the cart it is on is a bit small... need somethiing new to set it on. I am afraid we are going to knock it over.

Remodeling seems to take forever. We did new kitchen cabinets a couple of weeks ago. Next week is tile for the kitchen and hallway. If only we were rich and could do it all at once :-)

Great job on the install and the door looks nice.