Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We finally got some much needed rain. So some of the grass is turning green again. Yea!

Hubby had a doctor appointment, to get his meds renewed. His blood work came back as Diabetic. The doctor said now he is at 2x the risk level of another heart attack. So now he has to test 2 times a day to see, if he can control his sugar level on food rather than meds. I put up a post on face book and found at least 4 of his 15 siblings are diabetic. And seems glaucoma runs in his family too. So I have been doing allot of research. I found a web site that you can enter your meals and it tracks and analogizes carbs verses  sugar. And breaks down the info into many other things.

It seem the more things wrong with him the worse I feel. I find it  getting harder and harder to walk around the block for exercise. And my vision is getting worse. But I am maintaining my mind. No depression so far. In 2 months it will be a year with out meds. Yea! I still have some side affect like the feeling of head  zaps. It causes dizziness. But I have decided no more antidepressants. Once you get dependent on them. Making your own serotonin is a hard thing to do. Or your brain just don't want the real thing any more.

Hope you all are doing well. 
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Zaroga said...

Sorry to hear about the diabetes. Frank's meds were just changed. He has had big fluxes in his blood sugar... real high to real low. If you can get your hubby to exercise it will help in lowering his blood sugar.

Keep up the walking. It has been hard for me lately cause of the kitchen project of new cabinets and rain. My foot limits me how far I can walk still, but gradually I'm walking better.

Eat chocolate too... a good source of serotonin :-) I count M&Ms out That way I don't eat too many at one time :-)

angela said...

Good on you for being drug free for almost a year sorry about hubby. But learning to eat in a healthier way has got to be good for everyone. Maybe you can teach us too!
Love and hugs coming from me to you xoxoxox

peppylady (Dora) said...

I'm also sorry to read about your hubby out come from the doctor.
It hard to be a caregiver and remember to take care of your self.
Last thing I now have a drawing over on my blog.
Coffee is on.

Wendy said...

Congratulations on being med-free! I know the feeling. I've been off all meds for a long time and it does feel much better.

Hope Hubby can manage his diabetes and I understand how you feel as a Caregiver.

Take care of yourself and keep on walking. It works for me.