Sunday, September 16, 2012

Decisions Decisions !

I have been watching videos and searching the web on diabetic info.
It seems to swing from high protein heart attack meals. to veggie juicing , vegan way of life. I have learned you can reverse with diet and exercise.

So I made hubby watch 2 videos. This utube one has all except the end of the 2nd on in 1 video. This was enough good info to explain how diabetics works in your body, and an example of what could be in the future if you do not take care of your self.

 I laid it all out to hubby. :"I can not be the food police!" He has to learn to make good choices. It is his life. All I can do is tell him what I learned. And he has to decide if he is going to exercise more. And stay away from all packaged and prepared food and drink.   Eat only fresh or frozen veggies and meat. My self I am already programed to small amounts of meat. Where he eats bigger amounts.

I saw a video on a 24-36 hour fast. drinking water only. It made sense. It was said you get the biggest benefit in the first 24-36 hours. The more I thought about it. I thought it would be like a reboot. Shock our system into working right again. That is the same ideal of the guy from Aussie who did the movie on juicing. But his was a 11-30 day juice fast. followed by a vegan diet.

So what to do?
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joanne said...

I have a hard time deciding what is right for me because there is so very much information and a lot of it is contradictory. I try to just follow good sense and not go too far in one direction or the other. It's all a crap shoot at any rate..;j

angela said...

I agree doing a diet that's too radical sets up up to fail. Small changes last the longes. Start but adding more vegies and less meat. Juicing is a great idea and would benefit both of you, but your right you cannot be the food police he needs to take responsibility for his own health. You can only educate and encourage. Xoxoxox

peppylady (Dora) said...

Your right you can't be the food police...But I go to a weight lost support group and will come home and share what I might of learn and I believe it came out of my mouth...but if someone else gave him the same thing he would have complete different take on is on.

Wendy said...

Positive changes are in the air at your home, Ernie. Education is the beginning and eating more healthy foods will win every time.

A note of caution: I wouldn't go on any fasts if I were diabetic. Too stressful for the body and difficult to balance their blood sugar levels.
Sending hugs your way