Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friends for life

This is my life long friend Margo
.We have know each other since the 10th grade.
She picked up a freezer for me that my Daughter got me on Craig's list.
So Amy and I went to get it last Sunday.
That was the reason for our road trip back to St. Charles.
You can tell with these pictures we know how to have fun.

This is the only way to keep you eyes open for a photo. LOL

I was surprised by this wonderful gift from her. Can you tell she knows me very well.


Denise said...

Friends are such sweet blessings. I love the pictures, and that mug is awesome.

Gail said...

Where did she find that cup? I want one too.
Nothing more valuable than a good friend.

FourOf5zs said...

You are so lucky! Yes.. I can tell y'all know how to have fun.

Michele Williams said...

Friends are wonderful! I love the cup! The saying is great! Sounds like my mother and I.....

Life with Kaishon said...

Good friends are the best : ). I LOVE that mug! So funny!

Rottlady of the Ozarks said...

Yes it looks like friends are forever! I like the mug because it's big. All the better to drink lots of hot chocolate!

Wendy said...

Oh wow!! Another Grandbaby!!! Yippeeeeeeeee!! Grandbabies are sooooo much fun. I am happy for you all!!
Loved the photos too. And the mug. Will have to get one of those..

Sandy Toes said...

Love the funny!
-sandy toes

Carla said...

What a smart mug! I love your fourth picture! Friends for life, are a gift from above:)
(actually, she looks like she could be your sister:)