Friday, November 21, 2008

Things About Me

I have been Tagged.

Sue at Wite-Lilly has tagged me.
Do you remember I passed on my first blog award to her on 11-7-08
At her blog, I can see summer while we are in winter.
She is in Australia.

for the '6 Things About Me" meme
!. I have never liked my first name. It is an uncommon name for the area I grew up in.
But I go by the nick name Ernie or E
As my mom named me Ernestine.
The female version of my real dads name.

2. I did not grow up knowing my real Dad, He lived in Ohio. And His oldest son is named Ernie.
He also HAD A SON 3 YEARS OLDER THAN ME name What else Ernie or Ernest.
Do you see a pattern here? To 3 male and 1 female Ernie. lol
I would love to find this brother, His name is Ernest Albright. He grew up in Lincoln Co. Wv. He would be age 51 +/-. His mom died when he was little and was raised by grandparents. Is what I am told. I have tried to find him. But no luck. And I don;t know if he would want to meet me. His mom knew of me. But don't know if he was told.

3. I met my real dad in 1979. But we did not get to know each other. He was more like a dad to my hubby. They went fishing and guy thing. But on the year 2000. I flew back 3-6 time. And got to know him a bit before he died of mesothelioma. Cancer caused by asbestos linings in his work gloves.

now 3 positive things about me.

I. I was a sales person most of my life. I sold real estate insurance, And my favorite of all time. I had my own Pet shop The picture is after our sign was removed. I added type to the picture with our name.
You would have thought I would have taken a picture while we were running it. But it never occurred to me
to do that. This was so much fun. I always had new baby's to hand feed and spoil. I can not even count how many bird I raised till they were old enough to be sold.
2. I am a simple person. I never needed fancy cloths or was into shopping.
3 I am a self taught plumber, carpenter, electrician. By reading a book I rewired & plumbed this complete house. I love power tools. A sawzall and roto-zip are 2 of my favorite tools. My hubby has to barrow my tools as I have more than him.

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So If you want to play this Let me know.
Grammy E


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Q said...

Dear Grammy,
Always nice to know a bit more about our blogging friends. Thank you for doing this meme.
You are very accomplished and talented.

Wendy said...

My goodness - you rewired and redid the plumbing??? You are worth your weight in gold! Have a nice weekend. Hope hubby is well.

white_lilly said...

Thanks for being part of the meme :)
Your amazing to be so talented to do the electrical and plumbing in your house WOW! Hope you and your hubby have a great weekend with your family.


Denise said...

I love learning about you.

Gail said...

I like that. It is always good to know someone better. Amazing, you can wire. I would love to know that without burning the house down. I love power tools too!

Carla said...

Very interesting (especially about everyone being named Ernie:), I don't doubt you are a handywoman! Resilient.