Monday, November 3, 2008


My thankful Thursday is on my other blog

I am ready for the
Seed exchange
If you want to trade seed please email me with your address.
I have pictures of my seeds on the seed exchange link above.

This is my last bloom for 2oo8

Please visit Jean for more Bloomin Tue photos.


Racquel said...

Happy Bloomin Tuesday Grammy! What a lovely little bloom still holding on strong in the garden.

Sweetie said...

I don't have any seeds to swap but enjoyed the last bloom in your garden. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday.

Darla said...

I have to go through my seeds and see what I have to offer.

Jean said...

Aren;t you sorry to see the blooms fade? I'll be showing mostly summer pics that I didn't show before from now until spring. Jean

Wendy said...

I liked your sweet little bloom. The last one. Happy Bloomin Tuesday. What will you show next week??

lmerie said...

Thanks for coming by! Besides the mac and cheese every couple months, velveeta only comes around once a year -in a great mexican dip.

This sounds like fun . . . too bad I don't have any seeds! Maybe I will think of some I have.

Gail said...

The cleaning game is a good one! I would forget where I put my jar!

Serendipity said...

I am a fan of flowers too. Although I don't really have quite the green thumb. This is a lovely idea!

Hope you are doing well there. God bless.

Katie @ said...

I like the idea of doing this with a friend. My husband and I try something similar, though it's easier to slip because we do so much together and are tempted by fun things together. I'll have to find a work buddy!