Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recycled Seed starters

There is nothing blooming in my yard so
I decided to start some seed in the house.
I prefer to recycle and reuse. So I saved toilet paper rolls.
You fold them in half, then open them up and fold in half again to create a square.
You can cut them in half again to make 2 tubes or leave tall for 1.
Cut slits about 1/2 inch in all 4 sides to form a box bottem
Now you can use tp around them with a rubber band or find a container like this. The yellow tray and insert is from fresh chicken they cut up and called chicken tinders. I washed them well so not to pass on germs from raw meat. I can put water in the bottom tray and wick it to the plants . I can put this in plastic like a green house to sprout seed. then uncover to grow. With this tray it held the rolls together so I did not need the rubber bands.
But for now I have a used taco salad container and it holds the insert and 2-3 full size tubes. I put water in the bottom and lid on top for now. I hope to grow my own salad in doors. I will try this with some flower seed and see if I can grow a green thumb. For indoor plants. After the seed sprouts I will show you how to make your own arrow garden out of recycled things and Store bought light. or you can look at this link for another persons ideal. My way will not use a metal coffee can as I do not buy them and would not risk my hands on cutting the can. But the rest of there Ideal is great.

This is one of my favorite blooms from this summer
This is like Stella d'Oro a daylily It is a re bloomer.
It gives you Orange/yellow color blooms from May-July.
But this is more orange than yellow.
This was a gift from my first new friend in this town I live in now.
Her name is Bobbie Joe.

Today is Jeans Bloomin Tuesday, Stop by and see what she has bloomin.


playsdolls said...

Great idea for seed starters,I am going to start saving TP rolls to start my seeds in.Thank you for this post.Thank you for the comment on my confederate rose

Cynthia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today.
I love how you started the seeds with all of those recycled items. Us gardeners can always find uses for things in the garden!

Anne Fannie said...

What a great inexpensive way to start seeds!

Darla said...

Very good idea, thanks for passing it along. Great Day lily.

Jean said...

Great informative post! I'll need these ideas as I don't usually start from seed. Thanks! Jean

mrsb said...

I love the idea of using a plastic food tray as a green house!

Gail said...

Wonderful idea!

white_lilly said...

Thanks for the photos of how you made your TP rolls into seed starters. I must have saved about 30 rolls so far but have not taken the next step, now I now. I also use plastic containers that we normally buy our strawberries, kiwi fruits etc in because they have holes in the bottom and a lid on top so it is like a little glass house to start my seeds in.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I came for you thankful Thursday Post, which I enjoyed, and I found a gardening tip! What a great, inexpensive way, to start my starters in the spring. Thanks!

Leora said...

Love your recycled little containers. Great idea! I'll try it next spring.

Darla said...

Some of my seeds are ready.....Want some? Check 'em out.

Wendy said...

How creative you are!! I will use your recycled toilet paper roll idea. I loved your pic of the yellow daylily.

Carla said...

Thanks for this idea! I need some pots, and want them stronger than just newspaper, and we always seem to have LOTS of tp rolls:) (which is funny cause I'm the only girl in the house:)