Saturday, April 27, 2013

Almost garden time

We are so far behind in the state of Missouri. Weather is crazy. Wind, rain, hail, cold, tornadoes. All have been a part of spring in my state. I am one of the lucky ones.We just need to repaint the house. And fix a small leak in the roof.
 Thursday was warm enough to plant 11 tomato plants.  I am so out of shape, it took me all day to do this one row. The next day pain all over along with more rain. So I covered the transplants with plastic.
 Here is a peek at the ones left to plant, And I am so glad the ones in the ground are doing ok. We may have another day of frost Wednesday.
 Walking around the yard, I found many crawdad houses. This is the tallest one.
 Yesterday hubby and I went to the Mennonite seed store. I love to see all the horse and buggy's. I purchased the seed packets below, to add to my collection of Heirloom and organic seed. There was proof there too. Not all of them were found in the organic isle. Corn only had 1 yellow and 1 white. In heirloom. .   But could not be places as organic. Because there are no more truly organic corn seed left in our country. Gmo's have crossbred. and contaminated even the corn in Mexico. From what I have read on the internet. I am not an expert on this. So research for your self.. It is scary to think of the future of our descendants. All I can do is plant what I have, And save the seed and pass it on to my grandkids.

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket