Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New year to all

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, And blessed New Year.

My 2009 Bucket list

Live every day as if it were the only day.
Continue to find happiness and joy in life.
Continue to let every one know I love them.
Work on regaining my health.
Learn how to get Jerry to want to too.
Read or reread the positive energy books I bough in 2008 to help me.
Capture all the great things I see and do on film.
Keep learning so I can restore my brain so maybe I can remember how to spell with out spell check.
And hope I can regain or keep memories alive in my mind.
Get to move in the farm we bought on Aug 26, 2009
Find a friend for my husband.
See the ocean or Golf of Mexico near Houston, Texas.
Be more crafty or creative.
Have a great garden and harvest.
Learn to keep seed alive till transplant time.
Share my knowledge to help others in need.NewYear
I am so thankful that 2008 was my best year yet. It has ended on a sad note though. I have lost 5 people since.
One on Christmas eve, 3 the day after and My eldest Aunt Nor in Nevada yesterday. We were on the way home from my Eldest Sister in laws funeral, When my Mom called to tell me of her passing. I have fond memories of her. In August of this year we spent time at My Uncles funeral talking of the past. To find my Moms oldest brother was the love of her life. She is my step dads sister. And such a kind heart she had. We lived with her when we moved to Mo. I was 4 years old.
I will miss her. I hope and pray there will be no more for a while.
Now there are only 5 of 10 kids left.

Monday, December 29, 2008

True Happiness

This year I almost missed Christmas.
I had the flue and slept though most days my energy was gone and body hurt all over. I canceled Christmas at my house. And asked Amy to do it there. It was a miracle that I was able to go to her house for a few hours of simple fun. This is what Christmas is all about. Not expensive gifts. But fun and family love. A simple jester a home made gift . Kind words and big smiles.

Playing with the kids.

Ok PaPa who should I get MOM, Dad or Grammy?
And don't forget the big kiss.

The other 2 post below include the rest of our day.
This is my last post till New years.
May you all be blessed with happiness, joy and love.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Camera critters #4

The sock Monkeys made a big hit on Christmas Day
Falcore is my daughter Amy's dog it has turned into a country dog and loves the freedom to run the fields.
This is a decoy that was found in the tree area as we had our walk from post below.

Tim's dog
Cenea is a country beagle. She love the out doors.l
This is her 1/2 lab daughter from up the road.
Next weekend is Eagle time at Bagnel Dam. So I have hope of seeing them return to the Lake of the Ozarks. And hope of getting an awesome photo or 2.
Have a great weekend. And a happy new year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

An Awesome Day.

This was the first time in my history that we were able to go out side to play on Christmas Day. It was 48 Degrees. And look at the wonderful sun.

The kids ran and played in the field.
Every one took a walk.
Don't you just love the country.
Even the big Kids played with the sling shots.
It was a bit too cold to fish.

I hope your day was as wonderful as ours.
Happy holidays.


This was the best of 2008.
I am thankful for every minute I spent with my family and friends.
The music was to be
Tim McGraw My Next Thirty Years

But it had a copy write and could not use it with the photo slide show.

The theme for today should be about you best Christmas memory.
But nothing can compare to the joy of this year.

Please visit And share your post on Thankful Thursday.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays to all.

I found this video on
Nebraska Birding
For the cc post and so enjoyed it. I asked permission to bring it here for you.
Merry Christmas my friends.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I honor all

I believe all traditions and religions should be honored.
There is no right or wrong way to believe.


We just need to Love, honor And respect, each other.This Holiday season.
So this will end a joyous year. And begin a new year full of joy & Love.
I send you my best wishes and a big hug.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Camera critters #3

My friends toy Chihuahua.
His name is big guy.
He is now 2 years old and
and is 4 pounds.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sky Watch Friday # 4

This is the middle of Missouri, USA

This was about 9:00 am this Thursday before I went to hibernate.
It is pouring rain as I type now at 6:30 pm.

View to the south east from my living room window.

The only photo editing I did to these photos was crop and paste and resize.
This was my view out of the kitchen window.

I had to add the fire to warm me up. LOL
This was the beginning of the week sky.
From my living room window looking south west.

Have a wonderful week my skywatch friends.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bucket list

What happened.
On January 14, of 2008 I woke to what I thought was a heart attack. Jan 23, I failed a stress test. It was so bad I will never have another one. Feb 4, I failed a lung function test. Feb 5, I had a cardiac cath. Results were I had the best looking heart the doctor ever saw. March 28 I had a MRI. To finally find the answer to Jan 14, event. I have copd and allergy induced asthma. I also had a panic attack.

Now for the Bucket list
When I was in St. Charles for the cardiac cath. I watched the movie on my daughters computer. Here is a link to the movie if you never saw it. ( Bucket list) This movie was heart felt, warm and funny and you need a box of kneenex for the end.

After the inspiration from this movie I decided to make my own list. I went home and ordered high speed. This was the start of me being here today. I watched movie after movie till I was well enough to try to do some thing. I went to And watched movies from there links to free movie sites . I love movies from

Then I created a yahoo 360 page. And this is what I wrote.

I have learned life is to short to live in the past. Or sit on the couch and wait for the end.

Friend and family, pets and wild life. are to be cherished.

A sunset, sitting on the bank of a river, taking a drive to see nature. Are simple things. But can be breath taking. They will teach you to be at peace. Lesson contentment.

The simple joy of watching your cat play, the birds fly, or watching the squirrels throw nuts at the cat. Can make your problems leave your mind.

The joy of waving at or smiling & saying hi to a stranger can make both your days better.

An act of kindness. simple thank you, words have great meaning.

Ernie's Bucket list.

I am going to learn to be happy if it kills me!

I am going to learn to enjoy life every day!

I am going to be thankful for every thing I have left, and learn to let go of all that I have lost!

I'm going to get Jerry to get off the couch and We are going to learn how to have fun!

I'm going to see the ocean.

I'm going to start telling my kids I love them more often, We always say it to the grand kids but some times don't realize even though they are grown they still need a reminder that we care about them too.

Stop by myspace page to on yahoo

and see all the fun I am having there.

This was the start of me finding friends on line.

Then came this blog

This has helped me to live each day with at least one thing I did to make my life happy.

I have become photo happy.

Thanks to the tax refund this year I purchased my new camera a Sony A 200 DSLR. Now I can take digital photos like my Minolta or Cannon slr did and Not get mad the the camera was so slow I would miss my photo with the Nikon cool pix. This also uses all my lenses from the Minolta because Sony bought them out.

I have won the battle of Worry, fear & Depression.

But it is still capable of coming back at any time.

As I am fighting the winter blues as we speak.

I now have some of my family close so now I am not alone in the world.

I have made my hubby do a few things this year to get out of the house and have fun.

I am very happy I have a roof over my head and food to eat.

I did not get to see the Ocean. We were going to Alabama to see one of my daughters friends growing up. But she moved back to St. Louis.

I tell my kids as much as I can How they are loved.

So I completed 4 of 5 on my list and accomplished more that did not have on my list.

On Jan 1 2009 I will post my new bucket list.

If you decide to do one to let me know.

So I am very thankful for this wonderful year.

I am also thankful for the

Thankful thursday MEME as It reminds me to recall all I am thankful for.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Movie time

The boys pealed the whole bushel and I made applesauce.
It was a funny adventure. Amy called an said the baby dropped so she can see her toes so it could be any time for Jozlyn Rose to be born.

Camera critters #2

This is Crash's first picture
Dec 30, 05
I know you are thinking baby pictures time to go.
But you will miss all the exciting things he did.
When we first got him he would run around like lighting. Then put on his breaks and crash into every thing. We could not decide which name to call hime. So at the doctors for his first shot. He had to choose. So We called him Crash Lighting.

He is master of the yard.
He loves to play with the grandsons when they come to visit.
He guards the garden so nothing takes the veggies.
He checks out the cabinets to make sure the food is all save.
He has to inspect every thing with out fear.This was a mom below and a kid above.
You see this is what was in the cage.
We caught and released 7 skunks 1 raccoon and 1 opossum
this summer and 1 cat named Crash of course.
we were lucky all the adults were caught in the white enclosed trap but 1
Every day it was 2 catches. The conservation guy got tired of coming over.
So we got permision to release the babys our self on conservation land.
But he got the lucky job of all the adults.
The babys do not have much or any sent. Crash would play boss with some of them.
They some how respected him. He was never sprayed. Unlike our house was 2 times.
It was to the point of them or us.
He is normally found up here with the red squirrels.
But during nut season he would be under the only tree that did not have walnut or pecan.
As they would throw nuts at him.
The only place you will not find him is on a road trip with me. He don't like to ride in cars.
He is the most fun cat I have ever had. He is a Lynx point siamese Manx. He has the personality of a dog. He is so frendly. That is not a trait of the Siamese family that is in the manx line. He love to be held and as a kitten you would find him climbing my back and siting on my sholder like a bird. He would be in the bath room wanting in the tub. Yes he like water.
This is him with Reba She is a Lynx point siamese. She has a tail He has a little bob tail.