Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Update on my health

I have been sick since May 21, 2018. I now have the results of both the MRI and Cat scan. Now, I have to figure out what to ask the Dr or Dr's. The set up an Endoscope for Oct, 19. 2017. The colonoscopy from 9-5, 2017 did not go in far enough to see anything. I am posting this here for now to get advice from friends what to ask.
When the Dr called she said I have a 3x3cm mass that may be cancer. And/or crohns.

MRI Abdomen

MRI examination of the abdomen (MR enterography protocol)
Indications: Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Recent small bowel
obstruction. Evaluation of the terminal ileum for possible mass versus
Comparison: CT 8/10/2017.
Technique: The study was performed at 3 Tesla MR scanner. Examination
included multiple MR images of the abdomen and pelvis in different
pulse sequences and different imaging planes before and after IV
contrast administration.
The examined portions of the liver and spleen are unremarkable. No
focal lesions. The gallbladder is absent. No biliary ductal
The pancreas, adrenal glands and both kidneys showed no significant
abnormality. Left renal a few tiny hepatic cysts. No collecting system
Redemonstration of multiple dilated loops of small bowel in the
abdomen and pelvis measuring up to 4.2 cm, for example series 25 image
39. Again, there is abrupt change in caliber of the dilated small
bowel loops in the right lower quadrant at the level of the masslike
enhancing lesion measuring 2.7 x 2.8 x 2.7 cm, for example series 29
image 52 and series 25 image 50. Multiple adjacent tethered and matted
bowel loops are redemonstrated in the right lower quadrant.
A few borderline enlarged upper abdominal and right lower quadrant
mesenteric lymph nodes, likely reactive. Multiple nonenlarged
abdominopelvic and bilateral inguinal lymph nodes are also seen. No
The urinary bladder is unremarkable. The uterus is present. Left
ovarian small functional cysts.
The imaged abdominal and pelvic vasculature is unremarkable.
1. Redemonstration of multiple dilated loops of small bowel measuring
up to 4.2 cm with abrupt change in caliber in the right lower quadrant
at the level of a 2.7 x 2.8 cm masslike enhancing lesion. Findings are
likely to represent sequela of active inflammatory bowel disease. The
enhancing mass could be of inflammatory/neoplastic etiology.
2. There are multiple adjacent tethered and matted bowel loops in the
right lower quadrant, suggestive of entero-enteric fistula.
3. A few borderline enlarged upper abdominal and right quadrant lymph
nodes, likely reactive.

Cat scan

CT of the abdomen and pelvis with IV contrast. Coronal and sagittal
No comparison.
There is diffuse distention of ileal small bowel loops, with a focal
transition point noted approximately 12 cm from the ileocecal junction
(series 2 image 98). The ileum proximal to this transition point is
dilated up to 4.3 cm and is edematous. Ileum distal to this transition
point is decompressed. There is no significant inflammation of the
mesentery. No abdominal free fluid or free air.
The lung bases are clear. The liver, cholecystectomy changes, spleen,
and pancreas are normal appearing. There is a 1.2 cm right adrenal
nodule. The left adrenal is unremarkable.
The kidneys, ureters, bladder, and uterus/adnexa are normal appearing.
Multiple phleboliths in pelvis.
The major vascular structures are intact. No significant
atherosclerosis. No acute osseous findings.
1. Findings suggestive of partial small bowel obstruction, with
transition point noted approximately 12 cm proximal to the ileocecal
2. Indeterminant right adrenal lesion (no comparison exams available).
Recommend nonemergent CT adrenal protocol to further delineate.
These findings were communicated with Dr. McCray at 2337 today.
Attending addendum:
1. There are multiple dilated small bowel loops in the abdomen and
pelvis measuring up to 4 cm. Some of the dilated bowel loops show
diffuse wall thickening and mucosal hyperenhancement. Small bowel
fecal sign is seen in the right lower quadrant, series 2 images
110-103. Adjacent to this level there is abrupt change in caliber of
the dilated bowel loops with associated masslike density, for example
series 2 images 101-96. Tethering of the adjacent bowel loops is also
Adjacent a few borderline enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes. Wall
thickening and mucosal hyperenhancement of the decompressed ileocecal
junction and terminal ileal loops with similar changes in the right
side of the colon.
2. Findings are concerning for inflammatory bowel disease with tight
inflammatory stricture in the right lower quadrant. Associated
entero-enteric fistula or underlying mass cannot be entirely excluded.
Clinical correlation, continued attention in follow-up studies and/or
further assessment by MRI enterography is suggested.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dear, Mr. President

Dear, Mr . President
I know you will never see this unless this post goes viral. Where everyone who reads it. Will share. I am the wife of a Vietnam Veteran.  I am thankful as of August of 2016 my husband now gets the best health care of his life at the Va hospital in Columbia and Jeff city. He was among the people who were subjected to toxic drinking water at Camp Lejeune.He does not get a Va pension. So we live off of Social Security. And as you know that puts us in the poverty level of the population.
With us being in the state of Missouri. As you know. This state did not let poor people into The Affordable care act. That was created by congress. For which President Obama has received full blame. He asked congress to provide help to those who could not afford health care. He did not ask for everyone to be lumped into a health care night mare. Where price was skyrocketed. He asked to help people like me to be able to get help.

I have been really sick since May 22. I can not see a dr. They have limits as to how many cash patents they will let in. They double the price for cash patients. I called there are no clinics in my area. And St. Marys said. I could go to the Er and ask for an app for payment assistance. So in fear of how to pay. I have lived day after day in pain. I am getting better now. For a while I was only able to eat crackers, bananas and Activia yogurt. I do not like yogurt. So I make myself eat it. Because it will stay down. And I hope it is helping me. Now I am able to eat some of the veggies I grow in my garden But since I am so sick they have been neglected. And I have to buy some of them taking away more money that could pay the electric bill or for my husbands meds.

 I do not mean for this to be a boohoo poor me post. I want this to make a difference. I do not want you to take the blame for signing what congress comes up with, Like President Obama did. Remembr you are the your fired person. 

The answer is to stop Obama care and return insurance back the way it was for people who can pay.
Restricting insurance company's from saying no to those who have pre existing conditions, who can pay. Making Medicare open to those who can not pay. Like me. They also have a spin down of almost $300-400 a month for income of $1200 a month. That leaves a married couple $900 a month to live on. So, tell me how do they do that.

Another ideal. why can I not be seen by the VA. I am the wife of a VA Veteran?
Why not look at Canada or AU or even Hungary has free medical care. See what they do.

You may ask why I do not get Medicare. I am not old enough for SS and every year the amount of my SS dwindles to nothing. I am 57 years old. And may not make it to the age of 65 or 67. So that I can pay $120 a month for Medicare.

I am not going to go on. Please make  Congress look at what they are doing. Help the people who need help. And leave the rest of the nation to pat their own way.

Thank you.
The EmptyNester