Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friends for life

This is my life long friend Margo
.We have know each other since the 10th grade.
She picked up a freezer for me that my Daughter got me on Craig's list.
So Amy and I went to get it last Sunday.
That was the reason for our road trip back to St. Charles.
You can tell with these pictures we know how to have fun.

This is the only way to keep you eyes open for a photo. LOL

I was surprised by this wonderful gift from her. Can you tell she knows me very well.

Take me home country road

Are you tired of my road trips yet.
To day I am not going home to West Virginia. like in the song by John Denver.
But this house in the wood IS A HOME
I WAS GOING TO BUY 9 years ago.
It sets on 5 acres. Has over 1200 square foot. and is only 1 bed room.
As you can tell I was not an empty nester at the time.
But I wanted to be.
This house did have a detached guest cabin.
Also this work shop near the road. Where we could have turned it into a business of some sort.
This is not far from it.
Surprise We went to visit my chickens.
We had a raccoon and a skunk try to get our chickens. So we moved them to a friends for the winter.
They have lots of other chickens here to help keep them warm for the winter.
And look my friend found sunshine a hubby the other day.
He is beautiful.
You can tell they remember me.
They also have a Oberhasli goat that looks like a small dear .
Next door they have donkeys with the cows this year.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sky Watch Friday # 3

This ia a road trip I took Sunday 11-23-08

About 12:30 pm Entering Jeff CityAbt 12:35 leaving Jeff. Pic taken on the Bridge over Mo river.
Abt 2:20 pm

Abt 2:25 pm

About 4:00 pm
The Starling picture was taken at my friends home. It would have taken 10+/_ pictures put together to show the mass of birds in the sky. There were 1000's. It was 1999 when I saw this for the first time.
These birds now flock in mass. And fill up trees. It is amazing to see the multitude.
These 2 pictures were taken about 4:15 pm. It felt like 9pm. I could not believe it was getting dark so soon. What was strange was this view with light was to the east. And west was dark.

Abt 4:17 pm
The massive amount of traffic in St. Charles is one thing I do not miss.
I love the 2 lane highways of Lake of the Ozarks area.
And the views on the country roads.
Where I am at now.

Yes I went back to Sr. Louis. I was able to see 4 friends.
What a joy it was. Will show pictures soon.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I bought on my ride in the country

I got one of these new fangled devices that peal core and cut apples in no time at all.
OK, Why do I need one. Look 2 bushels of Golden delicious apples for only $10.00.
$5.oo a bushel What a bargain!!
This is so fast and safe. 12 apples in no time.
At first I thought $29.00 Was to much for this device.
Now that I used it it is worth it's wait in gold.
And time saving.
So I made my first apple pie
Oh, if you are like me keep band aids handy for cutting fingers on wax paper box.
Look I made a happy pie.
You are wonderful. I am so thankful for all my blog friends.
I wish I could give each of you a pie.
But for now please except my Virtual gift.

I love you all.
If you missed my road trip to get this please look below for the pictures.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another ride in the country

Guess where we are going today?
No we are not taking the gravel road.
Oh I love this farm!
No we are not stopping to see the mules.
And not the cows.
I love farms with silos.
I love hay bails and more silos.
wow crop bin silo and more hay bails
It is nap time all over for the cows.
Great farm view

Theres the fire department
Look he is waiting for us.
This is going to be my mini horse one day.

Oh we are getting close there is horse poo in the road.

We are almost there the sign is ahead. And transportation is changing.
Here we are at the end of the asphalt.
Weavers country store.
I will show you what I had to drive 25 miles for on the next post.
Make sure to see the post below for yesterdays ride.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A ride in the country

Where do you think we are going today?
I love the rolling hill sides with all the fresh hay.
All the fields dabbles with cows.

Hay we are here!

Yep it is a farm but what kind?
Could it have Wilber the pig?
And charlote the spider.
No there are clean pigs here.
Look they are smart.
one is distracting me as
the others grab the shirt right off my back. HE HE HE
I love it.
Oh my they even want to eat my shoe!
Now wheres the beef ?
I have to say I am impressed. The smell was no where near as bad as the turkey barn I went to. And they were well cared for piggies. They are 10 week old grocery store pigs. I learned allot.
And the farmer gets an A +++ award from me.