Sunday, February 19, 2012


 I have been exploring the word strength thanks to prompts from. AYWM.
This week she gave the coarse module away as a free. valentine gift. Thank you, C. A. Kobu
I took a few online tests and found Kindness to be my top strength. along with many others listed here in this virtual closet. In reality I had so many things filling up the rack I had no clue on my own. What my true strengths were. Like many others my closet is full of baggage. And it needs to be cleaned out. Like a hoarder. Things get tucked away. Crammed together, not really forgotten. But camouflaged by time.

     Most of my life I thought of myself as weak. I allowed negative thoughts and events to rule my life. It was not till I cleared the clutter. Made a choice. And let go of all the baggage. That I was even capable of seeing that the word strength. In its self is my top strength. Till you sit back and think about it. It took strength and courage for you to make every choice in your life. It took the same to get you through  every issue you have dealt with. And you survived and became a stronger person, thanks to that event.
 I also recall a friend of my daughters telling me. "You are the strongest person I have ever met." I was shocked to hear that. He said "for you to go through all that you have. And still be here.. It takes allot of strength."
The more I think about it, the more I believe he is right. And the more I believe it. the more empowered I get.

The ability to believe or change your beliefs is also a strength.  You have heard the quote think "positive and be positive". I believe this to be true.

This weeks lesson is to identify strengths that empower you. Things that recharge your battery's when you do them. So I am putting the words below at the top of my list..Because, I am very grateful for my ability to Learn., to feel Joy, to be creative, to love,  And will work on adding Hope, to the top of my strengths.

 What are your top strengths ?

Monday, February 13, 2012

New addition

 Introducing Leo, this little guy showed  up at my door a few weeks ago, when Amy came over. She said you know you have a cat at the door. So I said let him in. He was underfed "skinny" and a lovable beggar. For weeks he has hung around. When you go out side he comes running with the joy of a young child. He is very insistent that you pet him.
 It is so funny to see him try to get hubby to pet him. But he helped him self to hubby's hand one night. As he rubbed his head on hubby's hand.Leo said." it's OK, I will pet you." I know some humans don't know how to show love.Leo is a charmer. He will make you like him.

I was not sure we would keep him. I miss Crash.  But this cat has chosen us. He will just sit there with no response,  While Reba hiss's at him. She has become the queen of the castle. And he will not engage in a challenge. So he is very smart. But now I know he will be staying. He has been in the house for a prolonged time. The last couple of days.
This morning I let him out. and with in a few minutes he was back in by his self. He has found Reba's secret passage way. He was all wet with snow. And a big kitty smile on his faces. As he jumped on me saying. Honey I'm home. :)
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Removing the blindfold

But do I dare pull the duct tape from my lips?
I would have to say, "I lived most of my life on auto pilot". Just going thew the motions. Doing what was expected.It is amazing to be given the gift at my age to now be able to open my eyes. To question and learn things,  To find out how naive and innocent I was. To be fooled into thinking you are in control of your life. When really you have been controlled the complete time. What a wake up call ! To sleep walk though life.Going thru the motions. Yet, seldom being free to just be your self.  Am I alone?

The above thoughts just came to me, as I do this weeks lesson for a Year with my self.

Journal Prompt for Week 5: Introvert vs Extrovert: 

“How to Leverage Your Personality Type”

In the past I took the Myers-Briggs personality test
This led me to explain many aspects to my personality.And why others may act or do things differently
With this weeks lesson. . The word Oppovert is used to define a person who is your opposite.
(Introvert vs Extrovert)  
This set off a  light bulb in my head.
It explains so much. in not only parenting but in every aspect of life.
As a child I was raised by an extremely introverted mom. One who demanded control of every aspect of my life.
Be seen, but do not speak.  Was my way of life.
Then I married another extreme introvert. So I sit here in silence. Doing what I was trained to do. 
Yet there is a light in me waiting for my time to shine.   
And i pat myself on the back. With my own kids. There lights shine bright.
They are extroverts like me. They were allowed to be there self. Speak there minds. run and play. They are both adventurous. They learn things the hard way through trial and error. But  I am here with an open ear. No longer wishing to control them  Just a bit of guidance. As we all should let our kids sprout there wings. And be who they were meant to be.Sure rules and manors were taught. They know right from wrong. But they are free to live out there dreams and desires. They are brave enough to ride a roller coaster, or hop on a bungee cord. They know how to laugh and play, with a smile on there face. And there hearts are full of love.

I also have the answer to my question. Why do I feel like I am in the wrong life.
Answer: I am an Extrovert living the life of an introvert. 

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket