Saturday, September 8, 2018

Carcinoid Cancer sucks!

 It has been a nightmare Living thew the last 12 almost 13 months. It is a long story. But I will sum it up as. Aug 2017 I went into the hospital unable to eat. I had a blockage that was a carcinoid tumor. They removed it and 12 inches of large intestine. They took out 48 lymph nodes. 8 was cancer. This put me into stage 3 cancer.  I went home. And my intestines fell apart. Oct 4 I was back in hospital. Kept alive on ventilator. I had sepsis. I was kept alive and went thew HELL! They put an ostomy bag on me. It was HELL! I was declared cancer free.

 March 27 I had the bag removed. April ct scan showed tumors forming in my liver. June. Dr's thought I had a hernia. Another scan done and blood work. They did not see any hernia. They said, nerve and fat layer damage from surgery causing pain. So nothing done. I received email over 2 day times. Last one has high CGA So, I called cancer dr. She said have MRI. It showed Tumors in Liver. Had Biopsy July. Even more Tumors. It was not the slow carcinoid Tumors I have before. Intermediate, faster growing type.
 I am now stage 4 Liver cancer.
Now, I am going thew ups and downs. I took an Octreotide shot. Got really sick. Yet doing better in other ways. I went back the 28th. She said no shot. She did not know I went to ER with in 24 hours of shot. So, I have to wait till 25th of this month. To see what will happen next.

In the meant time. The 27th. Hubby informed me. He is not going into an assisted living place with me. He wants a devorce. So now I have lost my mind. Oct 16,  2018 I will be a single person. I am going to have to learn to be by myself. And I am crying and afraid of what the future hold for me.