Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ward off Winter blues

Ward off Winter blues with A WINDOW GARDEN 

In the past winter was a depressing time for me. 
I wanted to hibernate like my cats.
 But this year I have started a winter garden to put spring in my living room
 I added 3 shelves 1 to each side and 1 across the window. More will come and this garden will grow
 Look at the roots on the Yacon. I have it in a juice jug, turned upside down. I cut off the top and used the base for water. Adding polyester batting to wick up the water worked out fantastically!

Add a touch of spring to your window. It will make you smile. 
For more information see my garden blog,
Or join me on youtube

 Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Choosing a fan for the solar heater

 Most home made solar heaters use computer fans to blow air. The panels I have are commercial made. So they are larger than most home made ones I have seen. They are about 3foot by 8 foot. I found the bigger the fan the more heat is pushed thew the panel into the house.I only have 1 panel installed, and vented thew the kitchen window. I need to find a fan that will blow harder to get more heat to circulate thew the house. The fans I choose also need to be cost effective, As in the energy they use needs to be free or low cost. I hope to run the fans on solar electric panels. Either direct wired `12v dc. If I use normal 120v the could be plugged into an inverter and ran on a larger solar panel. So I have some researching to do. I have been looking at Inline Duct Fans, solar attic vent fans. etc. Do not know what to try first.

 Record of free heat #2

Datetemp inside / out sidesun
Nov 14, 201467-70/22-33!:22pm-  3:00 pm
  1.5 hours
Nov 15, 2014/ No sun
 To be continued
Nov 16, 2014/ No sun
Nov 17, 201468-70/ 9-23f1:30-2:30
1 hours
Nov  18 , 2014/
3 hours
Nov 19,  2014/
6 hours
Nov 20, 201468-74/24-44f9-3pm
6 hours
Nov 21, 2014no sunNo Sun
Nov  22-28 , 2014No sunNo Sun
Nov 29,  201454-70/64-75 6.5 hours
Nov 30- Dec2,  2014No Sun 0 hours

Dec 3,  201432-48/673 hours
Total sun hours 24 hours this post
 last post total + 29.5=  58.5 hours of free heat
Running total since Nov 8, 2014

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Adding solar heat to my home

I finally have 1 of the solar heating panels installed temporarily. I am testing to see if it is worth putting a permanent hole in my house. The panels were installed onto of a roof. My past neighbor in St. Louis did not want to pay to have them removed and re installed. It seems they add a great deal of added cost to replacing your roof. So I will not put them on my roof. I will build a box like structure on the ground or place them more up right to the house. But for now I will see what they will do like this for this winter.
 Each month I will keep a log of temperature inside the house and out. and hours of sun hitting the panel.
Datetemp inside / out sidesun
Nov 8, 201470-75f/28-52f9:30am-3:50pm 
6 hours
Nov 9, 201470-75f/44-67f10:00am-4:30 pm
6.5 hours
 To be continued
Nov 10, 201470-84/39-77f9:00am- 4:00 pm 
7 hours
Nov 11, 201439-33fno sun
Nov  12, 201470-83/ 21-32f12:30 - 4:00pm
 4 hours
Nov 13,  2014temp12:30 -3:30
 3 hours 
 Total sun hours 26.5 hours

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket

Monday, November 3, 2014

Easy chocolate cookies

Hello friend! 
Talk about fast and easy cookies.
These are yummy and simple to make
You only need 4 ingredients
Let me know what you think.
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket